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  1. I was wondering about that. Hummm. Its the only one I can locate and support isn't much help. Cheers
  2. Hi All. Shop built. Merchant account at eProccessing Network and the contrib,559 installed. I added the addmin module info and everything works as designed until confirm order is clicked which returned the page to the cart and no order is processed. I spoke with support at eProccessing for a couple ours and they said its on my end. So first question is has anyone heard of any similar issues in threads. And second anyone have any thoughts to what may be the problem. thanks to all Cheers Stephen
  3. Thanks for the response. I checked backed up config files and they are all fine and paths match. Also the payment modules appear fine and I can install, delete and edit at will. It's just the shipping modules that are messed up. It's so frustrating. S
  4. Addition to my post. I have deleted and added Shipping modules and shipping folders. Also deleted and added modules.php/ All these from an old backup. Still I have the shipping options listed but no right side window area to install or delete or edit. Driving me crazy. Any input would rock. thanks
  5. I recently moved a client to new servers. I went to make changes to the shipping settings and realized I have no edit or install options any linger. They have vanished. I have researched online and have had little success. If anyone is aware of why this might be, I'd love to hear. Thank you Stephen