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    easy populate

    Hello, Is there any variant of easy populate available that can export my catalog same as "Easy Populate" but at the time of export it gives me an option to increase the price of selected products? Basically I want to export my existing catalog for some other store but I want to increase the price just for the CSV (for the new store) by some percentage. The prices on the original / source store will remain same. Please suggest a contribution that closely match my requirement. Thanks and Regards
  2. Hi, One of our clients wants a table less implementation of osCommerce. So I thought of using WAI osCommerce: http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,4233/ http://www.magnino.net/ I installed it on my local machine and it seems promising. My concern is about using contributions, Is there any problem implementing contributions like AJAX attribute manager or UPS shipping or Google Checkout or whatever for the requirement? Somebody please advice, who has used it with a payment gateway and a shipping partner. Thanks and Regards