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    My Name is Betty Rabia i was impressed when i saw your profile at oscommerce.com and l will like you to email me back to my in box so that i can send you my picture for you to know who i am .i belive we can establish a long lasting relationship with you.In addition,i will like you to reply me through my private email box (beti.rabiaa@hotmail.com) This is...

  2. Hi, I downloaded the text_box with link and it worked fine the first time around. I used everything the way the instructions said to, just copy and paste. The next time around I changed the text_box to organic_box in all the appropriate files. The problem is when I upload everything I do not get the organic_box I get two identical text_box I have organic_box.php, $info_box_contents = array(); $info_box_contents[] = array('align' => 'center', 'text' => TEXT_HEADER ); new infoBoxHeading($info_box_contents, false, false); //Change the link to whatever you want it to be, can be an outgoing link or an OSC page link. if internal link use only contact_.php etc... if out going use http://www.site.com $info_box_contents = array(); $content='<center><b><a href="organic.php">Learn more</a></b></center>'; column_right.php include(DIR_WS_BOXES . 'text_box.php'); include(DIR_WS_BOXES . 'organic_box.php'); english.php define ('TEXT_HEADER', 'Child Trafficking '); //Change the header to suit your needs define ('MESSAGE_TEXT', 'Fight Human Trafficking and Child Exploitation<br />');//Change the wording to your own define ('TEXT_HEADER', 'Why Organic '); //Change the header to suit your needs define ('MESSAGE_TEXT', 'Why buy organic baby clothes '); What have I done wrong and how do I fix it? My logic was I didn’t want two boxes with the same name. Your help is greatly appreciated. dink
  3. Hello all, I need a way to collect reoccurring payments for membership. I have looked at the add on page but it didn't give much information on what I was looking for. They all seem to be for specific payment plans such as paypal. Is there an add on that can do this without limiting it to one payment gateway? If so what would be the best choice? Your help is greatly appreciated. dink
  4. Thank you so much! I did not have the function in the currencies.php so I added your code and everything works fine now. I agree with you about the setup. I am trying out a new hosting provider and it automatically installed the application. Is it possible to move the setup by just moving the files to the root? dink
  5. Fatal error: Call to undefined method currencies::calculate_price() in D:\hshome\c250884\dink-a-do.net\store\catalog\includes\classes\order.php on line 320 This is line 320 $shown_price = $currencies->calculate_price($this->products[$index]['final_price'], $this->products[$index]['tax'], $this->products[$index]['qty']);
  6. dink


    Jack I have another problem. I have deleted everything store, database, all files and directories on the server then I reinstalled osc using the control panel on the server, uploaded the required tables via phpAdmin(got verification the 6 queries were successful) Since it was a new install I just uploaded all your files as directed. I set up a Sales Group, and Sales Reps in the admin part of the store. I then setup a customer account on the store side and went shopping. I have tried different products from all the categories listed in the default install. The products are added to the cart properly but when I click on checkout I am taken to a blank page. (catalog/shopping_cart.php click checkout and go to catalog/checkout_shipping.php which is a blank page) It doesn't make a difference if I click the checkout button or the icon at the top, I still get the same result. I checked the tables in the database and the sales group and sales rep are correctly listed. What is the fix for this one? Dink
  7. Thanks for your response celextel, I did as you suggested and entered the code, fixed an email problem by unchecking validate email, and now the store/catalog/checkout_shipping.php is showing a blank page. Where do I go from here? dink
  8. Hi all, Please excuse me if I am in the wrong place, just point me in the right direction. This is the problem: I installed oscommerce on my server and everything worked fine with the default installation. Then I added an addon called Sales Force and that is where the problems begin. I did post a question on that thread but it didn't help much. I extracted the files and uploaded each to the proper directory. The database was created automatically when I installed OSC, so from the PHPAdmin I inserted the salesrep.sql. I can see the Sales Force in admin and I have added some data. From the PHPadmin I can see the tables with the correct data in the fields. When I go to the store and click checkout it suppose to put a dropdown for the sales reps name. Instead I get this 1146 - Table 'C250884_oscommerce2.TABLE_SALES_REPS' doesn't exist select * from TABLE_sales_reps order by sales_rep_lastname ASC [TEP STOP] I am guessing it is saying it can't find the table, but I know it is in the database. I am really, really new at SQL so if anyone can help me with this I would really appreciate it. What is my next step? My hosting provider was unable to help me (maybe because I didn't ask the right questions lol) Thanks in advance, dink
  9. dink


    Thanks, Jack. Ok now for the really stupid question: What sql commands do I need to run? Do I add a table or amend or something else? dink I have resolved the issues. Thank you for pointing me in the right direction! It is working so far. dink
  10. dink


    Thanks, Jack. Ok now for the really stupid question: What sql commands do I need to run? Do I add a table or amend or something else? dink
  11. dink


    Hello all, I hope I am in the right place, if not please direct me to the proper forum. I am a newbie and still have a lot to learn. I downloaded the Sales Force, extracted it, and uploaded the files to a clean install of oscommerce. I followed the instructions my service provider gave me for creating a new MySQL database. (I really didn't think I needed to create a new one called salesforce) I do not know how to get the salesforce.sql to the proper place on my server. I see the Sales Force in the admin section but when I click on it I get a page that displays this: 1146 - Table 'C250884_oscommerce2.sales_groups' doesn't exist select count(*) as ttl from sales_groups [TEP STOP] Can anyone help me with getting this setup properly? I have been working on it for two days and going back and forth with technical support. Maybe I am just not asking them the right questions? None the less, I am very frustrated. Your help is more than welcome and appreciated. dink Maybe some day I will be as smart as all of you.
  12. dink

    GUID help

    Thanks ecartz, at least now I know what it belongs with. I did read a few of the google search items but it is like asking a question when you know nothing about the topic. I do appreciate your time. btw thanks for the ebooks. As a newbie I sure can use this information. dink
  13. dink

    GUID help

    Hello, We are trying to get intuit (quickbooks) integrated with osCommerce with the intuit contribution found on osCommerce. My colleagues and I have been working on this for several weeks. I just received an email asking for the GUID and I have no idea where to look for the GUID. Can someone please help me with this? Email I received: For the Web Connector to work correctly, I need the Username and Password to access the web service Also, I need an OwnerID, which is described as ..."a GUID that represents your application..., if your application needs to store private data in the company file for one reason or another." (QuickBooks Web Connector Programmer's Guide, pg 35). I just learned from about.com that a GUID is a "globally unique identifier". dink
  14. dink

    Payment Modules for Intuit

    Hello, Is there a way to integrate intuit (quickbooks) into the payment module or is there one that can be purchased? My merchant account is setup through intuit but I don't see an option that allows me to use it. Is there a work around or something I can use? Or am I SOL? Thanks in advance, dink