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  1. cliff_77

    PayPal Payflow Pro [New Version]

    I've got this contribution loaded and it works great (and the install is super easy compared to the old PayFlow contributions, thanks!) I'm wondering if anyone has gotten it working with delayed capture instead of just doing a regular sale or if I'm going to have to hack into the code myself? Thanks, Cliff
  2. First off, just want to thank you for creating an awesome product. Works like a charm for me, and my client loves the new functionality. The only problem I am having so far is that when my client tries to launch the Image Manger window, it isn't popping up with the full (popup) window (for instance, he can't see the browse button that would allow him to search for a new image to upload.) I've tested it out on 10 different machines in my office, and they all work fine. I can probably just make the winder re-sizable, but I was hoping their may be a more permanant solution. Thanks for any help.
  3. cliff_77

    Fix to my Payflow Pro Problem

    After spending about 2.5 weeks trying to get a cart up and running with the Payflow Pro contribution (the fix version that will work if you don't have Payflow compiled into your PHP install) I finally got it working, and so I thought I would share what got it working for me. The contribution installed fine, but everytime I tried to check out, I got the infamous red Error banner. I tried everything that I could think of and still got nowhere. It ends up that the problem was that my server was running in safe mode. This makes it so that your php scripts do not have the ability to execute files using commands like exec, which the contribution requires in order to run correctly. The solution for my server was to just have the hosting company turn off safe mode after which everything worked fine. If this isn't an option on your server, I know there is a way to setup a single directory that you can execute files in while still running safe mode, but I don't know the details. One final note, if you are on a secure server I think that the verisign certificate either has to life outside of the web root, or inside it but in the secure part of your server (I'm not 100% sure here though.) Hope this helps someone.