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  1. Found it....thanks guys!
  2. Ok, installed the Google Feeder contrib this morning. Now getting this error message when attempting to run it: Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_CONSTANT_ENCAPSED_STRING in /home/reddevil/public_html/office/googlefeeder.php on line 47 This is appearing in a new window with the url of: We have changed our default installation from "Admin" to "Office" for security reasons. Is it possible that this is causing the issue? Any help is greatly appreciated and thank you in advance. Todd
  3. Thanks a million that did the trick! It took me a few times to figure out just what the script name was supposed to be....but after trying about a dozen variations it finally worked. I appreciate the help. Todd
  4. Bill, I have read through that thread but I do not see what you are referring to. Everything else looks great with the STS templates, only that one function that is causing the problem. Which shipping estimator are you using?
  5. Sorry about that Bill....I guess knowing which contrib is effected could help just a little bit :-" I am using (or trying to use anyway) the Ship_Estimator_v2.2.2
  6. Good morning all. Just installed v4.6 and now I have one heck of an problem. Shipping quotation contrib. is not working. It is still bringing up the pop-up but instead of bringing up the shipping calculator I get a base template with all of the code displayed. Being that I am not all that familiar with php and just learning about the contribs I am kind of at a loss here on where to look let alone what to fix. Any hints or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. btw....RC2a version.
  7. Is anyone using the UPS.xml module with the v3 release?
  8. Well.....eliminated them one by one until only UPS Ground was left.....still same error.
  9. >_< Thank you so much for your tactfulness. Yes, I did read the install instructions of which I am assuming that you refer to this: ***************************************** Find This code somewhere around line 48: ***************************************** if (tep_not_null($action)) { switch ($action) { case 'save': while (list($key, $value) = each($HTTP_POST_VARS['configuration'])) { *********************************************** INSERT THE FOLLOWING CODE AFTER THE ABOVE LINE: *********************************************** if (is_array($value) ) { $value = implode( ", ", $value); $value = ereg_replace (", --none--", "", $value); } **************************** SO IT SHOULD LOOK LIKE THIS: **************************** if (tep_not_null($action)) { switch ($action) { case 'save': while (list($key, $value) = each($HTTP_POST_VARS['configuration'])) { if (is_array($value) ) { $value = implode( ", ", $value); $value = ereg_replace (", --none--", "", $value); } tep_db_query("update " . TABLE_CONFIGURATION . " set configuration_value = '" . $value . "' where configuration_key = '" . $key . "'"); } tep_redirect(tep_href_link(FILENAME_MODULES, 'set=' . $set . '&module=' . $HTTP_GET_VARS['module'])); break; case 'install': NOTE1: if you fail to do this step you will get the following error message when editing UPS XML in the admin: Warning: constant() [function.constant]: Couldn't find constant UPSXML_Array in /path/to/your/shop_root/includes/modules/shipping/upsxml.php on line 1010 Yes, I did make those changes, as well as the others mentioned in the install directions. :rolleyes:
  10. Ok, just installed the UPS XML module, from my admin end though when I apply any changes to the UPS Shipping module, I am getting this error: "Couldn't find constant UPSXML_Array in /home/mountain/public_html/catalog/includes/modules/shipping/upsxml.php on line 1043" Any suggestions?
  11. Ok guys, stupid question here that has probably already been answered, so please bear with me on this one. Has anyone found a convenient way to incorporate allowing a customer to setup an "address book" of sorts to allow for drop shipping? For example, when I have a customer, let's call him Joe, order from our site and he wants an order shipped to his customer he will use his customers address for the drop shipping. When he comes back again at a later point in time I would like a way to have his saved drop ship addresses on file, so that he will not need to enter them in each time. Does that make any sense??? :blink: Thanks for any enlightenment that you can provide on this one.... Todd
  12. This is the same thing that I was wondering about.....once I figure out what I need to install anyway :) Todd
  13. Ok guys, I far from the brightest bulb in the pack, so please have some patience with me here. One of my vendors is a drop shipper who I receive my CSV file from each evening. Each item in that file has a set rate for shipping and a set carrier that it will be shipped by. I have been searching for someway to enable our store so that each item is set at this rate....finally I came across the MVS and it sounds like it may work. So, I go to the contributions area and find MVS but I do not understand this process. Do I have to get the contribution listed as MVS V1.1 and then apply each individual patch above that? There are about 16-17 of them and I am not that great at doing these patches. Is there somewhere that a current version, with the patches, is already available? It seems like each time I try to add a contribution I end up crashing things here, so it is a real trial and error on this end :blink: Any help that anyone can provide on this is welcomed and appreciated. Thanks, Todd
  14. I found it....buried deep in the EP docs, just not very well documented but works great! Todd
  15. Good evening all. I have got a really stupid question. I have just installed (successfully) the Seperate Pricing Module. I have also got the EP Module installed. Now, is it possible to upload multiple prices per item based on the various pricing levels at one time? We have got about 200,000 items and 6 pricing levels (Bronze, Silver, Golden, Platinum, Wholesale and Retail) and I am sure that someone, somewhere, has probably already asked and answered this stupid question, but I would really appreciate someone humoring me here. I am really new to OSC and am in the process of moving away from xCart, as I have the ability to transfer orders and customers directly into my accounting/pos program with OSC, but not with xCart. So far I love what it looks like what we can do with OSC....just not that knowledgable with PHP and all of that fun "stuff" thanks in advance and have a GREAT weekend! Todd