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  1. In twitter: /home?status=Check%20out%20http://byflavia.com.br/loja/product_info.php?products_id=3163&title=La%E7o%20simples%20m%E9dio%20-%20Boo Invalid Unicode value in one or more parameters
  2. How to disable display manufacturer in rss?
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    Who's Online Enhancement 1.4

    Endereço de Origem: http://www.mysite/catalog/ 4 %s Visitantes/Clientes (Serão considerados inativos depois de 5 minutos e apagados depois de 15 minutos) 0 Ips Duplicados 1 TEXT_BOT 0 Eu Mesmo 3 Clientes, 2TEXT_ACTIVE_CUSTOMERS problems: -the number of visitors is below the line, it appears that% should not. it google map does not show anything, even while setting some of the key. - the text is right in TEXT_ACTIVE_CUSTOMERS file languages, but when customers qty greater than 1 is the text: TEXT_ACTIVE_CUSTOMERS. I'm using version 3.6.6