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  1. dyzh8888

    Article Manager v1.0

    Article manager has the options of using HTMLArea or FCKEditor, what's the difference between the two? which one is better? thanks...
  2. dyzh8888

    Article Manager v1.0

    Hi, I installed the latest Article Manager, great contribution. The install instruction seems to mention that Article Manager has a built-in HTML WYSIWYG Editor, but I could not find any related code... is there a HTML WYSIWYG Editor for Article Manager? thanks very much for your help
  3. Looks like I encountered a problem after all. I installed Ultimate Seo Urls Version 2.5, everything seems to be fine for the english version of my site, however, when I switch to my chinese language site, choosing manufacturers from the manufacturers drop-down menu box in the left column caused problem. I am getting this : ================================================== Forbidden You don't have permission to access /oscommerce/catalog/±±¾©´ïÌØ¿µ¿Æ¼¼·¢Õ¹ÓÐÏÞÔðÈι«Ë¾-m-1.html on this server. =================================================== although I am getting forbidden status response, the url clearly indicates that .htaccess is doing its job, it rewrites the url correctly, like this: , and if I refresh and reload the page, the page was shown as it should be. I checked the log file, the error message in the log file is: =================================================== Invalid argument: Cannot map GET /oscommerce/catalog/\xb1\xb1\xbe\xa9\xb4\xef\xcc\xd8\xbf\xb5\xbf\xc6\xbc\xbc\xb7\xa2\xd5\xb9\xd3\xd0\xcf\xde\xd4\xf0\xc8\xce\xb9\xab\xcb\xbe-m-1.html HTTP/1.1 to file ======================================================== if I switch back to English version, then the problem disappears. .htaccess should be working, and it should not have anything to do with the multi-byte chinese language I am using for the site, since other SEO redirects are working fine, such as products_info page, etc. I spent quite some time trying to figure this out, but apparently this was beyond my knowledge. it is very disappointing that I might have to give up this nicely done contribution just due to this annoying problem. Any help or pointer will be greatly appreciated, thanks a lot...
  4. Hi, I just installed Ultimate Seo Urls Version 2.5 by faaliyet . Great Contribution. No bumps whatsoever. I have to say this is the smoothest install I have done ever. I tried to get rid of the .htaccess file and put the rewrite rules in the virutal host directive in httpd.conf, I am not familar with mod_rewrite, so I just copied the contents of .htaccess file and pasted into the virtual host directive, like <VirtualHost> ServerName.... DocumentRoot... RewriteEngine On ...... ........ </VirtualHost> I removed the RewriteBase line as it caused apache configuration error. Now I am getting bad requests error when I tried to click on the products page and other SEO enabled pages.. so: is it possible to include the contents of .htaccess file in virtual host directive in httpd.conf? if yes, what will be the correct way? help or pointers will be greatly appreciated..thanks a bunch...
  5. dyzh8888

    pbpBB2 and osC shared account creation

    Hi, I had the same issue as Jason did. I created an account via the store, and it worked seemlessly if I login using that account from the store front. I can access both the forum and the store. However, if I loged out(from either the store or the forum), and then tried to log in again from the forum side, it will just redirect me bak to the forum index page. It did not look like I was logged in. I understand that clicking the forum quick login button will actually post logins to the store login page and then gets redirected back to the forum index page. If I typed the wrong password for that account when I tried to login from the forum side, it would show an error message on the store login page. so I think when I typed in the correct password and was redirected back to the forum index page meant that I passed the store login page correctly and should be logged into both the forum and store. However, it did not seem to be the case.... am I missing something here? I am testing this locally, I really did not see testing this locally vs testing it from a remote connection would make any difference here..
  6. dyzh8888

    Event Calender

    Nevermind, I figured it out finally. need to increase the height of the calendarbox in the css file.
  7. dyzh8888

    Event Calender

    Hi there, I installed the latest events calendar module(posted by eurolife, May 2007), it is really a great contribution, and seems to work fine for the most part. I did encounter two issues which I resolved after reading through forum posts. However, I recently noticed the following issue: I installed the events calendar as an infobox in the left column of the catalog section. when the month is March, or August, or November for this year 2008, the bottom row of the calendar, i.e. the select menus and buttons, cannot be displayed properly(they seem to disappear). I read through the forum posts but cannot find any solution. Post #195 seemed to refer to this same issue but I did not find any replies to his question. I noticed that all these 3 months have 6 rows instead of 5 rows of dates being displayed, I suspect this should have something to do with the problem. I tried to look into the code but could not find anything useful. I wonder why so few people mentioned this issue..I really would like to have this module being used on my site. Any help on this issue will be greatly appreciated....Many thanks in advance!!