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  1. purplemartinart


    I am getting a similar fatal error when I click on delete reference file or execute site monitor...strangely, manually check for hacked files works, so I have been using that. The error I get is: Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 30 seconds exceeded in /var/www/html/DantGo2/includes/functions/sitemonitor_functions.php on line 780 But as you see, the error occurs on a different line as previous posters...not sure if that means anything. I also noticed there are 5 updates. Can you tell me what I should do? Will getting the updates , perhaps, solve the issue. How do I go about doing the update? Thanks Jack!
  2. purplemartinart

    Remove Unused Images [Support Thread]

    I believe I need this too as many of the images it is saying can be removed are my pop-ups. I'll be keeping my eye out for this.
  3. purplemartinart

    Remove Unused Images [Support Thread]

    Well, I forged ahead and messed it up. Really wasn't sure what I was doing at that last bit of instructions. When I run the remove images I get this error: Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '/' in /var/www/html/admin/remove_unused_images.php on line 89 I entered on line 110 (I counted) as follows but I have a feeling it is absolutely wrong. The directions : are not clear to me if anyone can help me I would appreciate it.
  4. purplemartinart

    Remove Unused Images [Support Thread]

    I have downloaded this contribution and am getting ready to try and install it. After reading the readme I am unclear on this portion of the instructions Can you please explain this for an idiot such as myself, I find it easier to understand fully than to "forge ahead" and then really mess things up! :blush: Thank you ahead of time for your understanding and patience with me.
  5. the more I learn about this stuff, the more I realize I am a complete idiot. Thank goodness I can't break a nail on a keyboard. :p

  6. purplemartinart

    Article Manager v1.0

    On Xsell I can add items just fine. My problem is trying to remove them. I click add/remove and nothing happens. I have read several posts about issues with xsell and the fix that Lindsay used , I can't find where to even look for that code. As I did not install this contribution (and am pretty much a novice) I need some help..please! I have googled and see similar issues with it not working at all but that is not my problem. Like I said, it adds them on great but unfortunately I made a small error and can't get the item removed from the article. Am I better off deleting the item then just adding it back on again? thanks to all for your understanding and help
  7. purplemartinart

    Header Tags SEO

    I looked through thhis thread trying to figure out how I can utilize the Pseudo pages portion of this contribution. I am a novice so I don't have the base knowledge I probably need. Even still I have gotten some pointers here and there but can not find a true "instructions on Pseudo pages" anywhere. Can someone please post a step by step on how to implement Pseudo pages? From what Jack told me on another thread, I am sure this would work great for me as I have several articles that I would love to get noticed. Thanks so much for your patience! :blush:
  8. purplemartinart

    Article Manager v1.0

    can someone explain how "Add Pseudo pages" works, and what exactly is it supposed to do? I googled and searched but I am unclear on what this is and how it works. Dont want to pass up an opportunity to better my SEO by my ignorance. Thanks so much!
  9. purplemartinart

    Get 1 Free

    little question about this contribution. Can the free product be an item that is inactive? for example if I want to give them a token gift that I do not sell (a promo item) will this contribution work for that? Or is there something else?
  10. purplemartinart

    ever hear of pdf catalog creator?

    sorry I am not sure if this should be in tricks/tips...did not see where I could delete my post. Admin folks-feel free to move this to the right section :)
  11. I saw this software thats called "PDF Catalog Creator for Oscommerce"-download. (off site) Was wondering if anyone has ever used this, if its anygood, if its worth 70 bucks. Its for making a printable catalog to be mailed to customers. Any input? It could really be a godsend for me. I looked and looked in the contributions area and I did not see anything like it here. The only thing close was for customers to print pages with items but not a true catalog.
  12. purplemartinart

    Best Mod to use to add Google Base Feed?

    Hi Bren, Sorry I don't have an answer for you. But I do want to follow this thread as I have been unable to download and install Google Base-store connector so this would really work out IF it is the right contribution. Let me know how it works for ya, if you install it.