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  1. I have one problem with paypal. I am using the website payment standards and occasionally I get orders from people, but when I check they haven't payed me any money. It is really annoying to have to check to make sure they payed me every time. I think what is happening is that they are going to the payment page on paypal and then redirecting to a different site or quitting their browser. Is there any way to prevent against this type of thing?
  2. rothjoseph

    Quitting browser while at paypal website

    Hmm, I'm using the standard paypal module that comes with the latest version of OSC. Is there some setting that I am missing that I need to change in order for this to take place?
  3. rothjoseph

    NEW: Anti Robot Registration Validation

    Ok, I didn't look too much into the code. I thought that it might be possible with a javascript routine to make the necessary calls to change the data without having to do a full refresh. I guess it will have to stay the way it is. With the new font that I am using it is now very rare that a letter is not visible.
  4. rothjoseph

    NEW: Anti Robot Registration Validation

    Thanks very much. I now have it displaying the characters in such a way that you can read them even though sometimes they are slightly off the screen. How difficult would it be to add a button that allows the user to select a different image without having to click refresh. That way if for some strange reason, they can't distinguish a letter, they can reload the page.
  5. The topic says it all. How would I set up OSCommerce to charge 5.00 for the first item and 2.00 for each additional item that I am shipping?
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    NEW: Anti Robot Registration Validation

    What number are you using for vertical spacing. Everything that I try either ends up with characters off the top or off the bottom.
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    NEW: Anti Robot Registration Validation

    I have two problems with my setup of this contribution. I am using 1.8.1, which used to be the latest, but I guess is now supplanted by 1.9. I don't think that the new version will fix this. When it displays the picture, occasionally the letters are so far off the screen that it is impossible to distinguish the letter. Sometimes it can be mistaken for a different letter. I think this is probably a setting issue that I have, but I don't know how to fix it. The other issue is that it displays weird characters like @, +, =. I would rather have it stick to displaying numbers and letters. I have linked to an image that displays the second problem quite well. This image shows that the characters are slightly off the screen, but it is still pretty easy to tell what it should be.
  8. rothjoseph

    NEW: Anti Robot Registration Validation

    I have installed this contribution and am very excited about its protection, but I have ran into a small issue. It seems to work correctly and even generates an image, but it is too small to be read by even me. I have uploaded a picture to demonstrate how small the image is. This is with the text length set to 10. If anybody has any suggestions on how to fix this, I am welcome to all help. Thanks.