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  1. Sorry for my ignorance but does anyone know what it means that Chemo is in the "Banned" group?
  2. I have installed SEO URLs and after a long hard battle with the server declarations finally got it to work. Well, almost. I have one last hurdle I am trying to solve. If anyone can help me with this I would really appreciate it. It seems that whenever I click on any of the categories, the url rewrite works just fine for about a second and then the loaded page gets redirected back to the index.php. This happens if I click on any of the categories or the test product I uploaded. I took a look at the server error logs and there were a bunch of missing image files that were being called by the stylesheet. Since I am using a template I figured these files were not included because they were not necesary. So, I created a few 1px x 1px images with the corresponding missing names in the images folder in the hopes that the "missing" error was causing some kind or 404 or 301 re-direct to happen. This didn't work. Now I am stuck. There are no more errors in the logfile and I don't know where to turn next. Here is the link so you can see what I'm talking about. Any help or ideas would be much appreciated. The DNS is not pointed to this site yet as I want to get it up and running first. Thanks in advance. -C p.s. I have Ultimate SEO URLs 2.7 by faaliyet updated on the March, 23rd 2009
  3. Hi all, I am looking for a contribution that would allow my customers to upload items they may have for sale. Ideally a registered user would be able to add a product for sale by way of an interface that allows them to upload pictures, title, description and price, etc. I should have the option to allow the customers to post directly or posted items should wait in a repository pending approval by an admin. Does anyone know of a contribution like this? -CM