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    Campaign Monitor integration

    I have made a Campaign Monitor subscribe/unsubscribe pages for osc 2.2 - if anyone's interested, I'll explain the way I did it. Bascially, you put the Campaign Monitor class etc. file in you includes directory, and re-write the subscription scripts, moving ALL list management to Campaign Monitor. I didn't want any newsletter email information in my customer (or newsletters) tables ie. no updates to these table because I'm running all emailing from Campaign Monitor, but you could easily add that functionality in too. The CM API is fairly easy to use once you check out the samples, but here's the high level process: - Set up your CM list, adding custom fields as required - Get your account and list API keys, and add them to configure.php) - Authorize yourself using the keys: $auth = array('api_key' => API_KEY); $wrap = new CS_REST_General($auth); - Set up your data in an array to pass to CM->add method. Precision is required for the structure (see samples). - Make the Subscribers object eg. $CM_Subscriber = new CS_REST_Subscribers(LIST_ID, $auth); - Add the new subscriber - note set up of custom variables in array. // Also note first name and last name must be custom fields. $result = $CM_Subscriber->add($subscriber); - Check the $result->http_response_code to make sure you got one in the 200- - 400 ranges
  2. p2409

    STS and osc 3

    I've made a number of sites using OSC 2.2, but have had to make various changes (mainly session management) to get them going under PHP 5.4. The reason I had to persist at getting OSC 2.2 working for PHP 5.4 (as opposed to upgrading to OSC 3) was the use of STS templating, and have finally managed to get them all running again under PHP 5.4 (not an easy task if you google it!). Ultimately, I'd like to upgrade the sites to OSC 3, however STS won't 'drop in' to OSC 3.3 Has anyone managed to use STS with OSC 3?
  3. Also guys don't forget to make the simple mod to /admin/functions/general.php to stop osc from breaking when you delete an empty category. You can leave the installation as is if you want, but remember you will need to only delete categories with at least one product in them for it to work (annoyance factor more than anything). I've put it here if you ready to just go ahead with it: Change //++++ QT Pro: Begin Changed code JOC qtpro_doctor_amputate_all_from_product($product_id); //++++ QT Pro: End Changed code To //++++ QT Pro: Begin Changed code JOC if ($products_id!=null) qtpro_doctor_amputate_all_from_product($product_id); //++++ QT Pro: End Changed code The QTPro for 2.3 addon page has this on it now.
  4. Velvet Pixel, I'm going through the same problem at the moment. The only way to deal with it is to write some hardcore PHP accessing the databases directly. I'm writing up a PHP script to do this, not sure when I'll finish it - it has to fit between real work! Thanks SagarJ for that revised products_attribute.php file - the state of the current contribution is crappy with this kind of work being required to get it going. The help file with it's 'echo '<NOTHING' code leaves alot to be desired quality wise - so much so I'd say unless you're au fait with PHP/MySQL I wouldn't both with it. Shame because it's a great mod. At the same time, remember we are bolting on something osc wasn't at all designed for, so attributes stock handling with this package is always going to be tedious/difficult. Note to people considering this mod (and those posting 'Help Please' in this thread) : you will in all likelihood require some PHP coding to get it going. If you're not up to it ie. all you know is how to parrot-like copy code, I seriously wouldn't bother with it till you've learnt coding. Slugg0 you might want to think about this before you waste a few weeks of frustration.
  5. p2409

    One Page Checkout Support

    The makers of this contribution conveniently left out one key item in the instructions for the latest version afaik. Don't forget to copy checkout.php to your main directory
  6. p2409

    Newsletter & Subscribtion for MS2

    Note to newbies and people not experienced with PHP coding: You can see from the pages and pages of this topic, that there are so many bugs and problems with the front end of the contribution it's probably not worth using it. I've taken out ALL the unsubscribe functionality on my site: it's too risky to use vs. manual methods via an email link. The backend is wonky, but useable. It's a real shame, because technically, the newsletter list idea is not very complicated.
  7. p2409

    Tax for Australia only

    That's a shame - it just required a single extra row in the address_format table.
  8. I think 3747 was the one I had used in the dim dark past. Haven't been near it for ages, so don't know sorry. Wouldn't be too hard for you to code up though - perhaps fixing 3747 might be worth doing.
  9. If you can't see it in Admin, I'd check that the SQL that updates the configuation file actually did run and secondly, that you correctly modified a 'boxes' directory file somewhere properly. These two things are what makes an option appear in Admin.
  10. Have you looked into the add-ons that allow for free pricing? - I'm sure there are a few in the add-ons section. Then you could test your total, and this would make a 'free payment' module active, which they would tick to progress. Also, another idea might be the SPPC (customer specific pricing) module? You can categorise your customers, and give them free prices on certain products for a period if you wish. It might be a bitch to integrate, but it works very well. One last little thing (you're a newbie, so I'll be gentle): please don't put I NEED HELP in capitals bold etc. It makes you look like a TXTing bogun from Sunshine :)
  11. p2409

    ULTIMATE Seo Urls 5 - by FWR Media

    Thank goodness for xdebug eh? As we agree, the problem really is in Article Manager - sending no topic id is just silly! If I get a spare 1/2 hr I might take a quick look and post back. ps. People who want to make the change above, use my previous P2409 posting - Robert snuck in an quoted an earlier, incorrect one I had up there.... Cheers Pete
  12. p2409

    ULTIMATE Seo Urls 5 - by FWR Media

    Hi Robert This is a possible fix (I can't see it covered elsewhere) for people using Ultimate Seo Urls 5 AND Article Manager WITH Articles at level 0 ie. not under any Topic . It looks like naughty article manager does NOT provide a tId (topic ID) if you have only top level articles, and no topics for them. In theory, this topic id (tId) should be zero '0', but this only happens when you create topics (wtf). Instead, with no topics, tId is blank ie. ''. This bombs out SEO URL Usu_articles.php at line 129 because the base_path test fails (it's not a number, not even zero, just blank). A possible fix: Just before if ( false === is_numeric( $base_path ) ) { insert the line: if ($base_path=='') $base_path=0; This straightens out the tId=0 issue when the tId is empty before the sanity check, and the site works again. Note only top level articles ie. ones under no topic cause this problem. Have you heard of this issue before (I couldn't find it in search)? If you think it's real issue, you could use my code fix, or perhaps you've got a better idea to sort it out (mine was a quickie). A proper solution would probably see article manager changed ie. fixed, but maybe it's just worth a note in the install. ps. Thanks for SEO URL's - I love the way it's easy to install, and sorry this posting wasn't one of those clueless "I did everything the manual said and it worked like a charm except my site has disappeared what have I done wrong? Plzzzz hlp...sumbudy" postings that we all love. Pete
  13. Confirm you actually have mod_rewrite active. If you're .htaccess file is OK, and you made the code mods correctly, this is something to check.
  14. Have you changed your categories around since google indexed them? If abschaumer-c-55 is invalid and it is now abschaumer-c-21 you're out of luck until google re-indexes (you can submit a site map to try to get this happening faster).
  15. Eugen your problem may relate to a newer version of PHP that is running on your host. Recent versions of PHP are intolerant of dodgy function calls with empty/wrong type parameters. You need to put a test around the second parm of that call and put "" ie. a blank string in there if it was null, or returning something other than a PHP string. Do this just before line 75. The second error message will go away when you sort out the first problem. Unfortunately, you may start seeing quite a few of these messages if your PHP version has changed as OSC is full of untested empty parm calls. If this is all gobbledygook to you, learn some basic programming/coding as it will hold you in good stead (from your question, I'd say your knowledge of PHP is at the level of 'I can edit a file' - that's the elephant in the room lol). Re the options - this is not a bug. Options are not part of the SEO address because they are unknown when the product is being clicked from a category list. Pete
  16. p2409

    Tax for Australia only

    Other Australian bits: Don't forget to put the words Tax Invoice on your invoices, and your ABN if you have one too. Create your own Australian address format and add it to the address format table (manually via SQL). None of the formats match the way we do addresses ie. Street Suburb State Postcode
  17. Firstly, noone is going to read that much code, so don't bother posting it. That's what you pay people for. A suggestion: does your server include ImageMagick or whatever other image rendering requirements are required for this module? If not, you're out of luck, it won't print. I can't use quite a few contributions because my server's PHP doesn't have the modules or software loaded. So..check the requirements first and see if your server has them.
  18. p2409

    CCGV & payment.php

    The clueless advice on here always makes me laugh. Commenting out or getting rid of quotes 'so it just works' is almost always the WRONG way to fix PHP. It shows you have no idea what you're doing. if (is_array($this->modules)) { if ($coversAll) { $addThis='if (document.checkout_payment.cot_gv.checked) { payment_value='cot_gv'; } else '; } else { $addThis=''; The problem with this awkward bit of code is that it is code creating javascript code. That code has quotes in it itself, so it f**** up the quoted string. To fix it, simply escape the quotes around 'cot_gv' ie. make it '\cot_gv\' instead. That way PHP will read the quote as 'part of the string' not 'the end of a string'.
  19. Short answer: don't think this is possible. I just responded to the same question somewhere else - check the recent postings for the reason why.
  20. p2409

    Order editor problems

    Sorry, I doubt it. The payments in oscommerce happen BEFORE the order tables are written. Order editor works directly on the order tables AFTER all payments have occurred. The customer's basket is empty at this point, and they can't log in to see what they bought, except to look at 'previous orders' (which might be OK for you). They definitely can't pay though - there's no product in their cart. What it sounds like you need is a direct payment facility to your bank account, or merchant account. Customers would pay there (via their bank account or credit card transfer) and you could then just update the orditor editor record to confirm payment.
  21. p2409

    QTPRO help

    Check your /admin/includes/boxes/configuration.php file. It sounds like you've missed a quote or something in there. This file is where the listings for your left_column options go, one for each subheading of the left column.
  22. p2409

    NEW! Complete Order Editing Tool!

    It sounds like you may have missed a semilcolon somewhere ie. a PHP line that ends without a semicolon. Given it's so high up in the file, it might be in one of your includes files eg. a language file?
  23. p2409

    QTPRO help

    To test if a product has stock controlled attributes, just look it up on the products_stock table. If there's a row for the product, then it is. For your requirement, you need to find the places the system is showing the summary level value (index.php for categories, not sure whether the product page does or doesn't as my installation is heavily mod'd). Then, in general terms, you need a <?php if (!fn_product_has_attributes($product_id)) {display the summary} ?> sort of coding fragment. The fn_product_has_attributes function is pretty simple. Given a product id it would just need to lookup the products_stock table with the products_id. If there's nothing on it, then there are no attributes OR the product attributes are not stock controlled. If there are rows there, then the product has attributes that are under stock control by QTPro.
  24. p2409

    NEW! Complete Order Editing Tool!

    Hi guys I've managed to get Order Editor going with QTPro and SPPC together - including SPPC attribute pricing. I know a few people have asked about this before, not sure if anyone's still trying to do it though. I want to write up the changes properly, and post them here for all to use, but if anyone's interested in trying the changes on their system to test it elsewhere before I do this, let me know (here, not privately). (You'll need to completely au fait with PHP. No clueless 'user-only' types please - while not numerous, the code changes are complex, and I'm not out to support people who'd like the functionality but can't code competently. Don't worry you guys can get it when it's written up!).
  25. p2409

    pos contribution with qtpro

    hi jen Short answer: no - I couldn't find one, and Order Editor was impossible to integrate with QTPro and SPPC (which I use). If you're technical, the following might interest you: I'm currently working with openbravo pos which is a fantastic point of sale tool. To get the products (with the all important QT Pro stock and all options) out of oscommerce, I had to do the following tasks: 1) Write a custom version of stats_low_stock_attrib.php to get a 'dumpable' list of every product/option with stock in the database. This is ugly code, difficult to modify and my version is pretty quick and dirty. Unfortunately, I couldn't find another way to get a list of all products/options in stock. Next time, I'd go straight to the stock table itself and write some PHP to read that directly. The output is simply the columns in your PRODUCTS table in openbravo pos. 2) Dump the categories. Likewise, load these into the categories table of openbravo pos (I use MySQL load data for all this - very manual still). 3) Fix all the duplicate product and categories names - openbravo pos will not accept duplicate category or product names AT ALL. 4) Use SQL load data to put the csv files into openbravo pos tabel PRODUCT and CATEGORIES. Voila - a working POS. It's going, but it ain't pretty and a new product load will entail the same steps again unfortunately. Note openbravo pos itself requires a few mods depending on where your store is. The Australian set up we use is very similar to the Northern Europe one as far as taxes/receipts etc go. ie. taxable/non-taxable items, prices legally MUST ALWAY include tax, only one federal tax etc. The North American models are different, but an active openbravo pos community is very helpful here. Next steps for me are: - Re-write my product .csv dumper using the PRODUCT_STOCK table in oscommerce directly. - Investigate the SOAP options in openbravo pos for syncing products. The SOAP interface may allow you to do this syncing from oscommerce itself which would be nice. My email is my username at hotmail if you want to get in touch.