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    Phpmailer For Oscommerce

    Man I dont know what I do but it works, now I can send emails to all service's =D Thanks a million Nay you are god in earth xD thanks again man Andy
  2. papaito

    Phpmailer For Oscommerce

    Ok just for make sure we are in same page when I say "I forgot to put the smtp username and smtp pasword" I talked about the file general.php whe you say in post 10 that we need to add this: if (EMAIL_TRANSPORT == 'smtp'){ $message->IsSMTP(); // telling the class to use SMTP $message->SMTPAuth = true; $message->Username = SMTP_USERNAME; $message->Password = SMTP_PASSWORD; }else{ Ok know that we are in same page I compare the IP's from mail.mydomain.com and mydomain.com and they ware the same. for what I understend you say that if they ware different I need to do all the procces, but if they are the same what should I do to receive E-mails for Hotmail Clients? Thanks for all the attencion Andy
  3. papaito

    Phpmailer For Oscommerce

    Thanks a million for all the help man. I check all the files that you tell me once again to be sure that I have everything all right and find a mistake in general.php I forgot to put the smtp username and smtp pasword after fix that I try to send a Email and it works fine, but only for Gmail Yahoo and my domain, Hotmail did not receive it :( Hope you can help me out. Once again thanks for all the help you really help me out. Andy
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    Phpmailer For Oscommerce

    First let me thanks you for the help I was begining to worry about this problem =). Ok now, I check everything you tell me I follow the steps one by one everything is ok. The Verify E-Mail Addresses Through DNS is on false. and the SMTP server requires authentication is fine to. I think that the problem is want you say about DNS for my domain y will contact my host provider and check that. Other think I want to consult you is about the port when I check te configuration of my Email's its says port 26 for the SMTP but the real port for SMTP is port 25 so, what port should I use for the configuration? Thaks a millon Nay. Andy
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    Phpmailer For Oscommerce

    Hope someone still looking at this post. Hi the other day I was trying to put PHPMailer in my OsC Store and it works , now I can send emails from my admin panel without any errors but the only think I cant do is sent emails to another domain. I'm using the last version of OsC v. 2.2 RC2 and the last version of PHPMailer v. 2.0.2 Example of the problem: From my email admin@esnobistas.com I can send emails to ventas@esnobistas.com but From admin@esnobistas.com I cant send emails to client@hotmail.com or client@yahoo.com Thanks Andy