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  1. Hi Robert! Thank you for the great contrib! But my problem same as below RMD27 worte: I downloaded your modified file "kiss_modules.php" but unfortunately still same problem. I use UTF8_general_ci character set. Can you help me? regards Tom
  2. Hi, Thank you SWGuy for this great contribution. Works fine, but I have a little question. How can I change the text color (only price numbers or full discount text) in checkout_confirmation.php? I use 2.3.1 regards Pan
  3. PanTira

    [Addon} Modular Front Page

    Ohh sorry... Thanks for fast reply! regards
  4. PanTira

    [Addon} Modular Front Page

    Hi, Thanks for the great addon! Works fine, but I have a little problem. In the special box on the front page, the original price displayed in gross but the special price in net. Can you help me, how do I change this? Thanks Regards
  5. Hi, First, thank you Pronux for the great TMS contribution! Works fine, but I have a little problem/question. I have a code that shows the number of items in stock at the product info page. Here is the code: <div id="QuantityPROD"> <?php if ($product_info['products_quantity'] > 0) { ?> <?php echo TEXT_PRODUCT_IN_STOCK; ?> <?php echo $product_info['products_quantity']; ?> </div> <div id="QuantityPROD2"> <?php } else { ?> <?php echo TEXT_PRODCUT_OUT_OF_STOCK; ?> <?php echo $product_info['products_quantity']; ?>) <?php } ?> </div> Unfortunately, I can`t link this code for the tab. If I use syntax $any = ''; i get a parse error message. Can you help me, how do i displaying stock quantity (with my code) of the product in a tab? Sorry my English, but I hope you understand my question... Thank you! regards