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  1. Hi, Sorry for the misunderstanding I found out how to include the SPPC variables into my database thankyou :D :D :D For anyone else the answer is to find this line in easypopulate.php define ('EP_SPPC_SUPPORT', false); and change it to define ('EP_SPPC_SUPPORT', true); that is it!
  2. Yes!! I have used SPPC succesfully, but it was almost a pain to install because I was new but here is how I did it. step1: If you already have categories and sub categories set up please perform a backup onto your hard drive. step2: Perform a fresh install of oscommerse. step3: perform a fresh install of sppc v421 by the directions given in install.html. If you have access to myphpadmin use it. First upload the files that came with the install package in the new installation folder using filezilla, this is a free ftp program and my favorite, or use the upload function on your website admin to upload the file catalog from the sppc new installation folder. Second run sppc_v421_install.sql in phpmyadmin by clicking on osc_01 database to your left then running the inport function on the right side. Browse for sppc_v421_install.sql and press go. You should see a message that it was completed successfully. step4: hopefully it should work!! Even when you upload your backup! Good Luck! If it doesn't work :( with the back up I would suggest getting easy populate and creating your catalog from scratch.
  3. Hi, I'm new to the community and absolutely love your latest contribution of Easy Populate, but I was wondering is there a way to add support for Separate Pricing Per Customer v4.21? If there is it would be more of a lifesaver and time saver. What I want is editable fields for customer group and price. Thank you for any help. :blush:
  4. Thank you but I figured out how to make it work. step1: I performed a fresh install of oscommerse step2: I performed a fresh install of Seperate Pricing Per Customer version 4.21 that was it, now it runs perfectly. :lol:
  5. Hi, I was having one hell of a time with this problem but, I found a solution :lol: Step 1: make a backup of your files first. Step 2: perform a fresh install of the latest oscommerce (note: if your hosting company allows it and you use cPanel X login to your cPanel usually http://yoursite.com/admin/cpanel/ or http://yoursite.com/cpanel/ check with your hosting company, and navigate to the last icon Fantastico de lux. In the following page that opens find the shopping cart subheading click on oscommerse, you should find an install link twords the bottom click it and follow the directions. ;) ) Step3: perform a fresh install of sppc version 421 if you haven't downloaded it do so here http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/716 copy the catalog file from the new_installations to your website using ftp of my favorite ftp program Filezilla Access phpmyadmin via your hosts control panel - Select your database from the left column - Click on Import on the right side - Upload the file you want to install; usually sppc_v421_install.sql in the new_installations file that you downloaded - Click Go That should be it! Just to be safe I'm going to recreate my catalog from scratch.:rolleyes: I hope this helped!
  6. Thank you for taking the time to explain this. I found out that if I started with a fresh install of the latest oscommerse and a fresh install of Seperate pricing for customers version 4.21 it works as said I just wish the developer would clearly state this in his instructions no hard feelings right? ;)
  7. Who can help me with this Question? It is like no one is willing to admit that they f-- up the programing and can not or will not help people with their questions. :angry: I thought this was a great ad-on untill it desided to have a mind of it's own and gave me the folowing error 1146 - Table 'mydata.TABLE_CUSTOMERS_GROUPS' doesn't exist Please, Please Please help!
  8. First, the login pages didn't like my catalog being set up in any place other than //mysire,com/catalog/ I fixed that problem by doing a new install of oscommerce now everything was working except when I logged in to test the group checkout now I get an error that reads 1146 - Table 'mydatabase.TABLE_CUSTOMERS_GROUPS' doesn't exist select IF(c.customers_payment_allowed <> '', c.customers_payment_allowed, cg.group_payment_allowed) as payment_allowed from customers c, TABLE_CUSTOMERS_GROUPS cg where c.customers_id = '4' and cg.customers_group_id = '0' [TEP STOP] What the hell is wrong!!!
  9. Thank you, I installed the Separate Price Per Customer ad on and everything seemed to be going fine until I tried to test the shopping cart checkout. Here is what I received as an error on my checkout.php page. 1146 - Table 'trug3nt_osc1.TABLE_CUSTOMERS_GROUPS' doesn't exist select IF(c.customers_payment_allowed <> '', c.customers_payment_allowed, cg.group_payment_allowed) as payment_allowed from customers c, TABLE_CUSTOMERS_GROUPS cg where c.customers_id = '2' and cg.customers_group_id = '0' [TEP STOP] I've checked that in fact the Table Customers_groups does exist, so what is wrong? I'm using Firefox 3.0 to check this. I'm also using paypals web payments standard.
  10. Hi, I'm having some problems with getting the add-on Sppc to work on my website. My website allows for distributors to purchase products on a seperate catalog and implimenting the seperate pricing for customers seems to be the answer i have been lookiing for to reduce the size of my website
  11. rapetet

    PayPal - Solution for missing orders

    hi, I found out a way for you to have customers automatically be sent back to your site after paying. <br> step 1: Log nto your paypal account. <br> Step2: On the far right of the links will be a profile link click it.<br> Step3: Go to Websites Payment Preferences and turn auto return on and direct your customers to a thankyou.html file which contains the sample text or a thank you note of your own.
  12. Hi, quick note, the e-mail address should be the e-mail address you used to set up your paypal account with; the same goes for the debug e-mail unless you want to set up a separate e-mail account for error messages. :) p.s. your paypal public certificate should be paypal.com in the usa or paypals home.