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  1. Alright, I solved it. The little 12-year-old boys in Tech Support at Authorize.net were wrong - I'd asked them if I'd messed things up when I was playing around on the site a few days before - I remember idly configuring their website's payment form (totally separate from my OS Commerce payment form) and checking "required" for the security code just to see what it looked like. Well, there were TWO places to check that the security code was required, and I'd gone back and unchecked just the one when the website started throwing the error, and little Timmy at Authorize.net Tech Support (Mom, make Josh quit hitting me! May I help you, ma'am?) said the settings were correct to not require a security code, and anyway, settings on the payment form on their website, which I wasn't using, wouldn't affect the settings on MY site. Well, Little Timmy was wrong all round. Anyway, I went back and checked for myself when I couldn't find another reason for the error to save my life, and sure enough, there it was, checked! Unchecked it their on THEIR payment form and everything's fine on me website. Just thought I'd pass along the experience! Francine
  2. All of a sudden, for no reason, my website started throwing this error: "312 - The specified security code was invalid." I've been on the phone with Authorize.net and my merchant service provider, and everything is fine with them. The error code 312 is from the OS Commerce software, NOT from Authorize.net - they pointed me HERE for help! I do not have a security code field, nor did I ever. I haven't changed anything on my website recently; there is no reason for this to be happening. Anyone have any idea what's going on? My website is http://www.neontrim.com. Francine (wwwdot)
  3. wwwdot

    Authorize.net Error 312

    Authorize.net doesn't know anything about it - the code 312 isn't theirs; it's from OS Commerce. Authorize.net pointed me here for help! There isn't any reason for my site to all of a sudden be throwing this error - I didn't change anything! Anyone know what's going on? Everything at Authorize.net is fine; everything at my merchant provider is fine. The problem is in OS Commerce. Help, someone, or I'm going to have to bail out of OS Commerce! wwwdot