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  1. i am sorry when i was wasting your time, but for me its still a OScommerce 2.2-MS2 with Header Tags SEO and Ultimate SEO URL like it comes from my hoster. in my first post i wrote, im a totally novice, so calm down. in the end i found the solution on my own. thanks anyway.
  2. Is there an easy solution for it? The ultimate seo urls contrib works, there is just no admin area for it. is this why the independent seo url validation install stops with this error? I deleted them manually.
  3. Thats my configuration group when i delete all seo lines in the configuration to rewrite it, the Header Tags Seo disapears.
  4. It´s OScommerce 2.2-MS2 with Header Tags SEO and Ultimate SEO URL. Both contribs work fine, only the Admin from Ultimate SEO URL is missing.
  5. Hello there, i am a totally novice to oscommerce. No i have installed Ultimate SEO urls and Intependent SEO URL validation. The first problem is, i didn´t get the admin menu in my admin section, there is also no entry in my database for the configuration group. the next promblem is, when i try to run the validation installer.php i get this error 1136 - Column count doesn't match value count at row 1 INSERT INTO `configuration_group` VALUES (null, 'FWR URL Validation', 'Validation For Ultimate SEO URLs', '31', '1') [TEP STOP] what does it mean? Thanks for help Hein
  6. Hello there, i am complety new to oscommerce. i have installed the latest ultimate seo urls contrib and there is no point in my configuration menu. i cant find anything in my datbase wich defines the admin section. what is the correct sql querry to ad it? Thanks Hein