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  1. wonderful contribution, thank you

    i just have a question maybe someone can point me to the right direction


    i installed the meta tag contrib. and it all works well, my question is, on all my categories and item title tags, after the main title, instead of stopping, it displays the rest of my home page title tags, how can i make it not display this? here is the example.


    title tag is <title>Boulder Opal Beads - Beads sterling silver swarovski crystal glass beasd</title> where it should be JUST Boulder Opal Beads


    any advice?


    thanks so much

  2. i love this contrib. thank you first and foremost...BUT i have never pulled out my hair as much as i have on this module lol


    my pages are all showing http://www.snazzycat.com/product_info.php/bone-beads-p-856 with product_info.phpin the URL, i just cannot seem to get rid of the product_info.php so its a simple URL www.snazzycat.com/bone-beads-p-856


    also the categories are showing up http://www.snazzycat.com/index.php/wire-thread-c-39 with index.php, i cannot remove the index.php


    rewrite im using is hte one that came with the contrib. please someone point me to the right direction before i loose all of my hair...... :(