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  1. you need to put the images from your other site into the images folder on your new site. then try just putting blahblah.jpg or blahblah.gif or whatever the correct extention is. just go into the images folder and find the exact name of the image and put it into your spreadsheet.
  2. the primary category should go under "v_categories_name_1_1" the sub category should go under "v_categories_name_2_1" any category under the sub categories go under "v_categories_name_3_1" and so on this is how my easy populate works and it is the same version as yours.
  3. does anyone know what version of SPPC that easy populate is based on. i have the newest version of SPPC and i'm wondering if the newer version has database changes from the older versions.
  4. i am having problems getting easy populate to work with SPPC (separate pricing per customer) contribution. i went into easypopulate.php and set the configuration for this contribution to "true". then i downloaded the spreadsheet and now there is a customer price and a customer group id fields but it did not put my special prices or my customer groups in. i tried putting them in on the spreadsheet but when i uploaded it gave me this error. 1054 - Unknown column 'Retail' in 'field list' INSERT INTO products_groups VALUES ( Retail, 6.99, 32 ) [TEP STOP] any suggestions would be helpful
  5. acbatchelor

    Dynamic attributes

    i'm looking for this too
  6. i am using the "quantity discount" and "customer discount" add ons. i have my site setup so that if customers buy at least 4 items they get a discount. i also have a few customers that i give a percentage discount to their account. does anyone know how to setup the quantity discount so that it does not give a discount to the customers that receive the percentage discount from the other add on? the quantity discount add on has an option where it does not give the discount if the customer uses a coupon so i am thinking that there should be a way to disable it when using the customer discount.
  7. i did do that step but in the contribution it says customers_discount DECIMAL(8,2) not customer_discount DECIMAL(5,2) i tried to do it anyway. i added the customer_discount to my database and it still did not work, no error but it still did both the quantity and customer discount. i also tried changing all of your code from customer_discount to customers_discount but it still did not work.
  8. I don't know if you are talking about the same addon as i am. my file that the addon works through is ot_qty_discount but yours is called ot_loyalty_discount. I looked and i have a function process() but some of the code under that is different. example ( i don't have get_cum_order_total). i also don't have "//end function process()" in my file. i have not touched the code, this is the way it came. i tryed to put this code in there anyway and i get an error when i go to the checkout_confirmation page. 1054 - Unknown column 'customer_discount' in 'field list' select customer_discount from customers where customers_id = '1' [TEP STOP] here is the code around this area function process() { global $order, $currencies, $ot_subtotal; $od_amount = $this->calculate_discount($this->get_order_total()); if ($this->calculate_tax == 'true') $tod_amount = $this->calculate_tax_effect($od_amount); if ($od_amount > 0) { if (MODULE_QTY_DISCOUNT_RATE_TYPE == 'percentage') $title_ext = sprintf(MODULE_QTY_DISCOUNT_PERCENTAGE_TEXT_EXTENSION ,$this->calculate_rate($_SESSION['cart']->count_contents())); $this->deduction = $od_amount+$tod_amount; $this->output[] = array('title' => sprintf(MODULE_QTY_DISCOUNT_FORMATED_TITLE, $title_ext), 'text' => sprintf(MODULE_QTY_DISCOUNT_FORMATED_TEXT, $currencies->format($od_amount)), 'value' => $od_amount); $order->info['total'] -= $this->deduction; $order->info['tax'] -= $tod_amount; if ($this->sort_order < $ot_subtotal->sort_order) $order->info['subtotal'] -= $this->deduction; } } function calculate_discount($amount) { global $qty_discount, $order_total_array; $od_amount = 0; if ((MODULE_QTY_DISCOUNT_DISABLE_WITH_COUPON == 'true') && (isset($_SESSION['cc_id']))) return $od_amount; $qty_discount = $this->calculate_rate($_SESSION['cart']->count_contents()); if ($qty_discount > 0) { if (MODULE_QTY_DISCOUNT_RATE_TYPE == 'percentage') { $od_amount = round((($amount*10)/10)*($qty_discount/100), 2); } else { $od_amount = round((($qty_discount*10)/10), 2);
  9. nevermind......after a few hours of fooling around i finally did it myself.
  10. Thanks for this contribution, it is exactly what i need except for one thing. I would like to add this grid to the subcatagories also. On the top catagories, the grid is there but when you click one of the catagories it takes you to the subcatagories in the regular format. If you can tell me how to add this contribution to the subcatagories i would be grateful. I know the subcatagories is about the same without this grid but i want it to keep the same look, and it works better with the design of my site. Thanks!
  11. acbatchelor

    run SQL files

    i am trying to use an add-on but i have to run an included sql file to change my database. how do i run a sql file?
  12. acbatchelor

    All Payments Processed Offline

    If you want to run the credit card own your own then go to your admin and under payment modules, just select "Credit Card (not for production use)". Don't worry about the not for production use part. When someone buys something you will be emailed that you have an order and it will give you the items and price in the email. Then you can go to the admin and find the type of card, card number, expiration date, and more.
  13. acbatchelor

    Customize Drop-downs

    thanks, didn't see that. now i can sleep well tonight.
  14. acbatchelor

    Customize Drop-downs

    I am going to have a couple thousand products by the time I finish. I can cut this down to a few hundred if I can do this. Does anyone know an add-on or code to have a drop-down's contents change according to what was chosen in another drop-down. I have seen this on a couple of site a long time ago. One of the reasons I need this is because I have several sizes and colors but not all colors are avaliable in certain sizes. I thank you for any help on this.
  15. I'm trying to upload images through the easy populate spreadsheet. i don't know how. i put images on a couple of my products and downloaded the spreadsheet, but when I look under the image column it says the products name followed by the type of image. (productname.jpg) if anyone knows how to upload hundreds of images quick through easy populate or some other way please let me know.
  16. acbatchelor

    Easy Populate problem

    I downloaded v2.76 and it worked.
  17. acbatchelor

    Easy Populate problem

    I have Os Commerce v2.2 and I have installed Easy Populate v2.74. I can't download the spreadsheet. I click on the link "Download Complete tab-delimited .txt file to edit" but nothing happens. The page refreshes and that's all. I also tried "Create Complete tab-delimited .txt file in temp dir" but the same thing happens. I tried this on internet explorer and on firefox but the same thing happens. I really need this to work because I am going to be adding hundreds of products with several attributes on each item. Please help me!
  18. acbatchelor

    Easy Populate problem

    nevermind, i found out