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    USPS select shipping servces ONLY

    veronica, thanks! I really appreciate your response! it worked! Thank you VERY MUCH!!! I also have 2 more question for you, if u dont mind : rolleyes.gif 1) at the whatsnew box on the main page, theres a short description of the product, which is ugly since it gives no useful info at all. so isit possible to remove that ugly beginning of the product description? also is it possible to add custom "short" description 2) is it possible to have 2 store logos (one image banner on the left and the other banner - store desctiption image on the right)???
  2. ok got a little problem here: my working usps.php file: http://www.zadva.com/usps.txt but i get all of the services: Global Express Guaranteed $100 Global Express Guaranteed Non-Document Rectangular $100 Global Express Guaranteed Non-Document Non-Rectangular $100 USPS GXG Envelopes $100 Express Mail International (EMS) $32 Express Mail International (EMS) Flat-Rate Envelope $30 Priority Mail International $26 Priority Mail International Flat-Rate Envelope $16 Priority Mail International Flat-Rate Box $43 Priority Mail International Large Flat-Rate Box $54 First Class Mail International Large Envelope $12 First Class Mail International Package but i need to narrow it down to: Global Express Guaranteed $100 Express Mail International (EMS) $32 Priority Mail International $26 any idea how?? thanks in advance! also if you can please give me the update usps.php with my inquary