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  1. I get this error after doing the installation. Anyone help? 1146 - Table 'database name.TABLE_ZIPTAX' doesn't exist select zip_tax_rate from TABLE_ZIPTAX where zip_code = '””' [TEP STOP]
  2. how do I install the ziptax nys 1.1a ? After unzipping it, there is only a SQL file with no instructions. Thank you
  3. 1. Tax Zones --> Zone added: My county where I am doing business. 2. Tax Rates --> Tax Rate added: rate rate (e.g. 8.25%) for the Zone of my county which I added in Step 1. 3. Priority set to 1 or 0. This will add the tax for taxable goods which appears in the last step of the checkout. My current oscommerce is (which doesn't sell or collect money yet) is: if you want to see what the steps above do in practice online. 4. My problem is if I add various counties for my state and their tax rates, whether priority is 1 for my county, and 0 for all of the others, no matter what, even if they are all 0, checkout adds up all of the taxes for each Tax Zone. 5. ** I want to know how to have oscommerce calculate the tax based on the shipping address, NOT my address (Tax Zone). ** According to the New York State Tax Department, I am required to pay sales taxes to EACH STATE for any tangible property based on the tax rate of the locality to which the tangible property is RECEIVED, NOT it's place of origin which oscommerce is currently doing. Based on what NYS Tax Dept. told me, legally I am obligated to be collecting/paying taxes to each and every location to where I ship a product (a little insane isn't this!!??) Recently, is suing the NYS Tax Dept. because they fined them for not collecting taxes at all for internet shipping. Based on their rule that taxes are to be collected if an item is received in NYS, NYS Tax Dept. is saying that Amazon has an obligation to collect taxes.