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  1. [Addon] Facebook Pixel

    What do you want to achieve?
  2. I can see that makes it easier to find but it makes it harder to reuse the gathered information in a page because of the sort order... - it means you can only add dependent content lower in the page - or replace the whole thing entirely. Mind you, for a page like checkout shipping it's not instantly obvious what you'd want to do that didn't involve replacing the methods section. Actually, having got a little further down the thought process, in the case of checkout_shipping all the processing needs to go in the shipping address module the setup processing needs to go into the shipping address module as that one comes first on the page.
  3. @burt - this the sort of thing you had in mind? https://github.com/raiwa/Modular-Checkout/blob/modularise_processing/checkout_shipping.php
  4. The other thing (that's harder to fit in) is extending the shipping class and so needing a change right at the top I am definitely not attracted to the idea of putting this section in a module, even ht are too far down, but there are catalog hooks now, what do you think about that?
  5. @raiwa Rainer I think there's definitely something can be done for the content-gathering - I'll try and get something together this evening. I think the core edit I make most in shipping is around cheapest()
  6. Cannot make TLS 1.2 work

    great stuff!
  7. Cannot make TLS 1.2 work

    The one I posted has this done for you, just copy it into the folder...
  8. Cannot make TLS 1.2 work

    They're saying they just overwrote the one in ext/modules/payment/paypal with the attached paypal.com.crt
  9. USPS Rate V4, Intl Rate V2 (official support thread)

    need sense of humour
  10. I can see it makes sense that obtaining content (eg. get shipping quotes) could be done in the appropriate content module, but the processing of a whole page when confirmed needs to be after actions and before header tags... or doesn't it?
  11. Cannot make TLS 1.2 work

    Ok so the basic stuff is ok. Try this next: https://forums.oscommerce.com/topic/412657-tls12-again/?do=findComment&comment=1768390
  12. Cannot make TLS 1.2 work

    When you go to Admin / Tools / Server Info what php version does it report?
  13. No, I was just picking up on the admin and creating new pages aspect. Really it's targetted at quickly creating new landing pages and so on with their own content module directory for sliders etc and editing the content of the standard pages easily, and scopes out accessing them. With a bit of thinking before writing, I guess you're envisaging a store info page that's basically a getContent call, like the main account options page, with the standard pages of conditions, privacy and so on as a templated list. That set would need to be put together first before working out how to administer them.
  14. Header Tags SEO

    I have just been investigating a problem on a site where Google Merchant Centre suddenly filled with microdata availability mismatch errors, with the feed showing products out of stock but the crawler finding conflicting information on the site pages. It finally came down to the opengraph availability info wrongly showing instock. Changing includes/modules/header_tags_opengraph.php at line 80 from $ogArray['availability'] = ($og['products_date_available'] > date('Y-m-d H:i:s') ? 'pending' : $og['products_quantity'] < 1 ? 'oos' : $og['products_quantity'] > 0 ? 'instock' : 'oos'); to $ogArray['availability'] = ($og['products_date_available'] > date('Y-m-d H:i:s') ? 'pending' : ($og['products_quantity'] > 0 ? 'instock' : 'oos') ); fixed it, though I can't tell you when the previous logic no longer worked!
  15. This kind of overlaps with an addon ... I've held off uploading the free version to the apps area while I finish the automated upgrade to pro