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  1. BrockleyJohn

    Transaction Method - Authorize

    Is this with paypal standard? When do you get the error - after confirmation in paypal or earlier? Do you get anything in the paypal log?
  2. BrockleyJohn

    Where to go

    Firstly, if you have used an install built into your hosting panel you will almost certainly have an old and outdated version of oscommerce. There are three main things that need to happen to get an osc site up and running: a database must be created, the osc files must be copied into your site and the install script needs to run. All or only some of these steps may be automated by your host. From a visit to your site it looks like the files of an older version of osc have been copied in and the install script has not been run. It's worth taking some delay and pain now and sorting this out to be the latest version of osc which you should download from oscommerce.com (see the links in our signatures). The link you find there will download the files to your local computer and then you're going to need to learn how to 'ftp' them into your hosting. This is just fancy words for copying them from your local computer to the remote one that's running your site. [stop me if you know how to suck these eggs!] ftp is a useful skill because that's how you'll get addons into your site in the future. You'll also need to find out if a database was created already or if you need to do that in your control panel, because you'll need that info to run the install script. You're looking for an icon in the hosting panel that's MySQL databases (or similar). If you can't find an existing database you'll need to create one - there's probably a 'wizard' for this. That stuff you'll only need the once, but there will be another icon, usually in the same group, called phpMyAdmin. This is a tool for getting around the database that you may need from time to time. Finally another one-off job: your site is currently running using php 5.6. There is likely an option in your control panel for setting the php version - which you should set to 7.0 or 7.2 When these things are done, you are ready to run the install script, and after that you can start adding categories and products.
  3. BrockleyJohn

    TLS not working at all

    Unfortunately the test no longer works, so the only way you can tell if Paypal is ok is to try it out.
  4. BrockleyJohn

    phpcurl error

    No the reason that the paypal ssl test fails is that it's testing against servers that no longer exist. It fails on every site and server and is not an indication of a problem.
  5. I'd put it in the connect function...
  6. BrockleyJohn

    phpcurl error

    @SCH_001 PP did a bunch of updates over the weekend and it looks like some of them have changed things that might be cached. I mostly use FF dev which reproduced the error but both FF & chrome went straight through. With a bit of luck it will go away soon if pp have a fairly short ttl on the cache policy for the object in question. @burt the ssl test in the app runs against tlstest.paypal.com which isn't there any more.
  7. BrockleyJohn

    phpcurl error

    Ok - it could well be that standard is working and express checkout not
  8. BrockleyJohn

    phpcurl error

    I have just done a quick test on a couple of sites and on neither of them is the SSL test in the app configuration working. My guess on that is the test in the app is now broken for some reason and I wouldn't prioritise finding out why it fails. What exactly are you seeing as 'multiple attempts from the same users'?
  9. BrockleyJohn

    phpcurl error

    Do you know when it stopped working? Does the paypal log give you any more info?
  10. BrockleyJohn

    Quick Product Updates for osc 2.3+

    @drusky Donna, radio buttons are rendered by the browser directly using built-in images so they can't be styled directly. The technique of images inside links used on the admin/categories page for status wouldn't be any good here because it requires reloading the page to change the button. On the other hand, it is possible to do something with pseudo elements - basically hide the radio buttons themselves and show something that can be styled instead. The technique is described in this answer on stackoverflow: https://stackoverflow.com/a/38468320/4384632
  11. The problem here is the way that what I guess was a template file in a content module has been changed into inline code in an execute function in a header tags module. It's using a heredoc string definition (the bit with the <<<) but still has the previous html/javascript with <?php echo...;?> bits. To get these to work in this context you would have to set them up in variables up front and then substitute them in the string. If that's all a bit complicated then an alternative is the grunt work of changing the code to lots of bits of quoted (and appropriately escaped) bits of string and concatenating them. By far the easiest approach to a conversion like this without much programming is to keep a separate template file. Header tags modules don't usually have a template file but that doesn't mean you can't have one!
  12. osC SSL support was designed to use http: when browsing and https: for login and checkout. This was the recommended approach when SSL became available to shopowners. Nowadays it is recommended to secure all traffic. In your admin either you have not done the same thing in that configure, or if you have then there is some hard-coding in a dashboard module for reviews.
  13. in your includes/configure.php file both HTTP_SERVER and HTTPS_SERVER should start with 'https://'
  14. If it's throwing an error then it doesn't work... and it could be stopping other stuff working too, depending on the context of the error. Maybe the addon appears to function but it's a good bet that it would do more or do it differently with the bug(s) fixed.
  15. You don't need to; it's a php error 🙃 The end result is a script error but it's caused by a bug in the php. You just need to get the php to output the script with the echos being processed. If you post the whole function (or template file) we can point you in the right direction.