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  1. I suspect you are mixing products and categories at the same level - if you do that, you only see the products in the main part of the page, eg. A top level category B subcategory 1 C subcategory 2 product 1 product 2 if you focus on A, all you see is product 1 and product 2 This page has always worked like this on all versions of osc - you have to put all the products at the edges of the category structure
  2. At the time the addon involved an update to the image gallery script but then I found an issue on their github with loads of people requesting it and my changes were pulled into their master so if Gary updated the version since it should be there already... iirc it uses the image title as caption. Most of the addon is about being able to record your caption text against a product image in admin - you could choose to display it a la Zahid if you prefer.
  3. BrockleyJohn

    Paypal Express post code Format

    Not really - though I dare say it's possible if you get deep into the code. It would be much better to put it in the shipping module. Then it won't get overrwritten in an update. You could probably get away with inserting a space before the last three characters if there isn't one.
  4. BrockleyJohn

    PHP 7

    tried it, liked it
  5. If it's repeatable for the same order (customer went back, tried again, same result) then it's probably a bug in addon code that's handling something like stock for products with attributes, or updating customer's gift voucher or something similar. A white screen is usually a php error that's not displayed, so check you're logging all errors. If it's a loop, the page will sit at loading forever. I'm stating the obvious here but the problem probably lies in the code between recording the order and sending the email.
  6. BrockleyJohn

    Cannot make TLS 1.2 work

    I am not aware of any reason to uninstall the payment modules first so I would advise against it so you don't end up with different settings.
  7. BrockleyJohn

    [CONTRIBUTION] Ultimate SEO URLs v2.1 - by Chemo

    I beg to differ. This means you don't have the setting for CHARSET which should be in your language file. It's telling you the constant isn't defined. If you need to cater for its not being defined, the code would be if (defined('CHARSET') && CHARSET == 'utf-8') { but I don't think that's likely your fix here. Check your language file!
  8. BrockleyJohn

    Cannot make TLS 1.2 work

    @Enzo79 the version of the app you are currently running is not properly compatible with php7. Additionally there are various bugfixes between that and the current app version. So it's definitely worth updating and sorting out any issues that arise. If you're worried about breaking the live system, set up a test copy of your store.
  9. BrockleyJohn

    [CONTRIBUTION] Ultimate SEO URLs v2.1 - by Chemo

    try checking for existence first: if ( ! (isset($seo_urls) && is_object($seo_urls)) ){
  10. I don't think it's actually possible to satisfy all tablets on bootstrap 3 - see https://github.com/gburton/Responsive-osCommerce/issues/535
  11. @tightwad the oscommerce code was designed only to make the checkout process secure (the enable SSL toggle just affects that bit). For the whole site secure, set the HTTP_SERVER values to https: as well as the HTTPS_SERVER values If you still get mixed content warnings then http:// is hard-coded and you'll have to track down exactly where
  12. Just disable or change the content module : index - Customer Greeting
  13. There's only one advocating it - I think it's a bad idea. @rulegacy there are reviews in core - did you check out whether you can use the existing reviews module? If your data is incompatible, migrating it would be better than bespoke code unless that lacks something important to you. If you just want to display it differently, see if you can achieve that by updating only the template file. Updating functions/general.php (apart from being the wrong place for html output) is likely an unnecessary change to core code.
  14. @rulegacy first off, change $HTTP_GET_VARS to $_GET which is globally accessible @14steve14 that's where Hotclutch's approach gets properly messy - you need a third div of width 12, which this way is yet another set of pi modules. What I would do is keep all modules together and add two new ones to top and tail the right section. Shown in sort order: 1. pic is width 6 2. start new div, width 6 also class row 3. modules you want on the right at sm up 4. end new div 5. modules you want underneath
  15. It's simply <div class="row"> <div class="col-sm-6 row"><?php echo $oscTemplate->getContent('product_info'); ?></div> <div class="col-sm-6 row"><?php echo $oscTemplate->getContent('product_info2'); ?></div> </div> If you want two columns of equal width above xs. Otherwise adjust them but make sure it adds to 12. Bootstrap does the rest for you. Done like this, your module widths are divisions of the column width rather than the whole centre section (above xs).