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  1. I assume we're talking about the paypal app here. Rather than having an answer for you, I have more questions: - can you confirm whether the PP Express module reduces the stock you've sold? - do you use any other payment methods and how do the emails compare? The difference between the two modules is that pp standard does its own email and stock processing - in the before_process which then skips straight to the after process, while Express uses the processing in checkout_process.php for these between its before & after processes.
  2. BrockleyJohn

    Paypal App - Fee

    Yes, cash, cheques and company credit cards are excluded from our surcharges regs and you can add a charge or a discount to each of these payment methods but as you say it should be fair to all customers and not out of proportion with the cost/benefit to you of them using that method. UK businesses are not likely to offer a discount for cash as it costs them more to put in the bank than e-money... if they're giving you a discount for cash you probably won't get a receipt and it'll go straight in their pocket instead of through the books. This is more common in the service sector (particularly builders!) than retail because as a merchant your stock won't tally and you'd need to find an excuse for disappearing it.
  3. BrockleyJohn

    Paypal App - Fee

    Suppose your bank charges 2% for paying in cash, you can uplift price for cash by 2% but not 5% to discourage them more because you can't be bothered to carry it there.
  4. BrockleyJohn

    Paypal App - Fee

    You can't do that in the UK - how other European countries apply the regs I couldn't say. From ... The UK regs cover personal card payments and electronic payments but not cash and cheques. So you can charge more or less to people that pay with cash, cheques or company cards, but you have to charge the same to anyone paying with personal cards, paypal, applepay and so on.
  5. BrockleyJohn

    Paypal App - Fee

    If you only accept paypal then you should add a handling charge in the shipping module(s).
  6. BrockleyJohn

    Paypal App - Fee

    There is not this option in the app because your agreement with paypal expliclitly excludes you from applying any fee that's different to the fees using other payment methods. If one of your clients complains to paypal that you are doing this they may close your account.
  7. BrockleyJohn

    Login with PayPal - changes required?

    Thanks - that's just a link to the api call for user info and has nothing about what has changed. However, when paypal make a major breaking change there's typically lots of info so it seems reasonable to infer that they aren't changing too much - they're not saying that the integration needs to use a different call or that it works differently, just flagging up that fewer attributes will be returned. Big changes have previously been made available in the sandbox before live for testing purposes, that doesn't seem to be the case here so I don't think there's a way to test the change before it's applied to the live endpoint. My advice is: check your settings and be sure that you're only using name, email address and postal address. If that's the case then there shouldn't be a problem. If you rely on having another piece of info (eg. a site that only sells to adults and requires data of birth) then you may need to do some other work to ensure this data is provided outside the integration.
  8. If it's only ever been osc BS then the password handling hasn't changed
  9. @RAC is this a new store or a migration from an earlier version of osc? The password algorithm changed many moons ago and field lengths might have too...
  10. BrockleyJohn

    Login with PayPal - changes required?

    OK - what I've gleaned is that the "identity API" has been rebranded from Log In with Paypal to Connect with Paypal. I haven't found anything that actually compares them and highlights the differences. If the PP message is to be believed and everything will keep working unless you're trying to use an attribute that's not supported, you shouldn't need any code changes. You may need to change some settings, though. The only list of attributes I found in my quick trawl around is quite a lot shorter than those available in the module settings in osc. I got them here: https://developer.paypal.com/docs/integration/direct/identity/attributes/ but the context is a bit different so it might not be exhaustive. This is the list there: Full name Personal Information profile Email address Address Information email Street address Address Information address City Address Information address State Address Information address Country Address Information address Zip code Address Information address so if you use things like date of birth it may not be available any more. If you are taking things off the list in your module settings, you may still get problems if your app has permission set on them (in developer.paypal...) - or you may not, finding that out is a future joy.
  11. Password reset worked fine for me. It is possible that you have a higher-than-average proportion of customers that aren't very tech-savvy and are using old hardware / software to access the site and emails. The password link spreads over 2 lines and if it's getting split it won't work. If they read emails in plain text it won't help. If they are using old browsers some of the site might not work properly either. A tangential resolution would be to implement PWA (purchase without account)
  12. BrockleyJohn

    Login with PayPal - changes required?

    I'll try to have a look into this in the next couple of days and see what the impact is.
  13. ...here's one I prepared earlier - a test site that has English and Danish: http://bromleybr.co.uk/bsbo/
  14. enable error display in includes/application_top.php so you can see the problem: // set the level of error reporting error_reporting(E_ALL & ~E_NOTICE & ~E_DEPRECATED & ~E_STRICT); ini_set("display_errors", 1);