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  1. BrockleyJohn

    NEW! Complete Order Editing Tool!

    I am afraid that I don't know! We did do some bug fixing around shipping calculations and their tax in the spring. This may have had some impact on other order total modules such as discounts, but I didn't investigate the behaviour. If you can try the latest version and report back specifically what doesn't work if it's still wrong, I can have a look for the cause.
  2. BrockleyJohn

    NEW! Complete Order Editing Tool!

    yeah, probably v1.2.8 which is when core changes were no longer required
  3. BrockleyJohn

    NEW! Complete Order Editing Tool!

    Long overdue - I have uploaded a new version of the addon to https://apps.oscommerce.com/Apps&wwEZ9&order-editor-for2-3-v1-0 which includes all the fixes posted to the thread through this year. It installs on Phoenix offering full functionality without core modifications. Many of the php notices and warnings have been fixed. A little adaptation for customer data modules has been applied so that it doesn't throw warnings or offer the fields if you don't have modules like suburb installed but not all are handled (eg. state) - you can extend along the same lines if required. A future version could use the new modules properly, along with the rationalisation and autoloading of classes but that will involve an extensive redesign that might end up being a different addon altogether.
  4. BrockleyJohn

    NEW! Complete Order Editing Tool!

    There are no core code changes required on any Phoenix version since
  5. BrockleyJohn

    No button on Order Confirmation page

    PP standard using the app? Which version of phoenix?
  6. BrockleyJohn

    ship2pay for 2.3.x

    Plan would be putting it over strongly - I have been thinking it could do with revisiting now for all the changes in checkout. It could probably do with a redesign now that there are hooks all over the place - and maybe for the newly abstracted shipping & payment modules. And of course a bootstrapped admin page. seems like you've got an interim solution though
  7. BrockleyJohn

    Paypal FUBAR

    I'm guessing from the reference to the account balance that you're using the paypal app with pp standard. Do you get anything in the paypal log for IPNs or notify_sync?
  8. BrockleyJohn

    Order missing after paypal payment received

    If you were to change the paypal code not to delete the order but create a new one every time in checkout_payment, it wouldn't happen but you will end up with many more Preparing status orders than you already have. You could try putting up a message telling people not to hit Back after paying, but it may affect confidence in your checkout. If people have just started doing this, it may reflect an issue with Paypal's platform being slow or glitchy right now and that might sort itself out with a bit of luck.
  9. BrockleyJohn

    Order missing after paypal payment received

    that's more owner-proof
  10. BrockleyJohn

    Order missing after paypal payment received

    I've only seen this when there was a glitch on the edit order page but it's definitely worth checking. It's a good idea to create an order status record with id 0 and suitable text (eg. error - needs manual reset) to prevent orders disappearing from the list.
  11. BrockleyJohn

    Order missing after paypal payment received

    The other thread's not much help though, is it. I believe the only way for the order to disappear is for the customer to come back to checkout_payment before the IPN hits. This could happen in the normal flow if they hit an error in checkout_process (eg. because of the cert) or it could also happen if they somehow (eg. with the back button or another open tab) get there by themselves. To get to the bottom of it, I think you're going to have to start digging through the site access logs and figure out what path they took through the site pages. If we know that we might stand a chance of deducing the cause.
  12. BrockleyJohn

    Order missing after paypal payment received

    Check the settings within the paypal account - if the return URL is wrong you will get that effect if the customer returns to the site before the IPN arrives. Do you still get any paypal orders which do work? Do you get logs of notify_sync events?
  13. BrockleyJohn

    Order missing after paypal payment received

    Have you got an up-to-date certificate in the ext directory? See
  14. BrockleyJohn

    [Addon] Facebook Pixel

    I have just uploaded v1.4 to the addons section. This is a security update - all addon users should apply it. PM me if you want details of what the problem is (not necessary to apply the fix).
  15. BrockleyJohn

    [CONTRIBUTION] Ultimate SEO URLs v2.1 - by Chemo

    That's why it's worth getting modules written professionally