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  1. norbertfromlinz

    Modern Template for RC2a

    Thanks for your answer in the moment i have made a new test installation and now everything works well. Maybe the first test installation was a little different. But one thing i want to change because it looks other then i my first test installation from the template test In the category table the undercategories are shown as extra menus going to the right side and the next undercategory does it the same way (when mouse touches this menue). But I want to have the undercategkories inside my categorie menue At the moment it looks like this categorie AAAA.. A1A1A1A1(1)..A2A2A2(1) BBBB .......................A3A3A3 CCCC........................A4A4A4 i want a category menue that t works like in normal standard installation AAAA .. A1A1A1A1(1) .....A2A2A2A2(1) .... A3A3A3A3 BBBB CCCC How can i do this? thanks for help norbertfromlinz
  2. norbertfromlinz

    Modern Template for RC2a

    Thanks for your answer Can you help me by my main problem with this template in the table category the catgory and the quantity and its not of are in different lines books (1) I need this in this way books (1) How can i change this? norbertfromlinz
  3. norbertfromlinz

    Modern Template for RC2a

    Need Help for Modern Template for RC2a Ad first it looks really good. When i tested this Template i saw that in the table "category" the category and the quantity are in different lines but i want the quantity in the same line. Also different buttons like "update card" "add to cart" the german expresssions are too long and they are cutted or they are not german like "buy now" is "buy now" (should be: Jetzt Kaufen" and they are cutted. How can i change this (think the best way is to make the buttons longer) Plese can you give me a little help. I have tested this with a osCommerce Online Merchant v2.2 RC2a standard installation Thanks norbertfromlinz