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  1. I have a system setup using the paymentech module, and have found it confusing trying to keep track of orders. The invoice printers the OSCommerce Order Number, however, in the chase paymentech/orbital virtual terminal, it shows a completely different orderID #. Is there a way that I can either show the Paymentech order ID # in the invoice, or, alternatively, show the oscommerce order number in the virtual terminal? Please let me know as two orders of the same amount can get easily confused. Thanks
  2. DJStealth

    Linking Paymentech Order ID with OSCommerce Order number

    Just wanted to bump up the question. Hate to do it, but client needs a response.
  3. DJStealth

    Linking Paymentech Order ID with OSCommerce Order number

    Can someone recommend a solution? Does the paymentech module pass back the order id# to be saved? or is there a way to link the oscommerce order number to the order as it's viewed on the virtual terminal.
  4. Hi, I'm setting up an OSCommerce site for a client who has a chase merchant account. I have a few simple questions. a ) Does the paymentech module support pre-authorization (rather than charging right away)? (If so, how do I enable this, or is this the default?) b ) With the chase virtual terminal merchant account, do I need any other services to get oscommerce+paymentech.php to work? c ) Is there any difference if the merchant is in Canada? Please let me know. Thanks
  5. DJStealth

    Paymentech / Chase Orbital & Pre-authorization

    Anyone can help?