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  1. Hiya, I tried to add one of the thumbnail contribution but only got so far. The pictures in the boxes when loading page got resized automatically perfect and fitted into the box as I was looking for. But when I then hovered over the small thumbnails to show the different pictures the messed up again. So seems it only worked when loading the initial page other than that it messed up. So I take it there is no way possible to have the pictures thumbnail into the correct sizes in the boxes without having to resize every single picture, everytime??
  2. Yup you are right, just checked and it is doing exactly as you said. I would really like the option of uploading an image and it will do it automatically. Rather than creating extra work to do of resizing all the images, everytime I want to put some up. Hmmm? I am going to try something and you can let me know if it is safe to do so or not and if it worked.
  3. Also one final thing, the small thumbnails, when ou hover over it, an arrow appears over it with a hyperlink ready to go to once clicked. But offcourse I dont want to use the pop up and have it on red flag. Dont like it showing the options when it will go no where and do nothing. Do you know where I go to take the hyperlink option away?
  4. Its better to get an experts view on things rather than just doing them. So I take it even though ive restricted the size on the big image. It wont thumbnail itself into the box to display all the images in correct proportions. Or will it just mess up like in the standard osc box "stretched"
  5. Oh crap, I was replying at the same time you did. What I did was add a size restriction the following element $large_image_string .= tep_image (DIR_WS_IMAGES . $main_image, '', '', '', 'name="MainImage" class="productsMainImage"') . "\n"; You saying this is not a good thing? Urgh just managed to get it exactly the way I wanted it aswel lolz. You saying its not good idea? What bad effect does it have? Reload time/Loading time? Extra query? Stress on server load? Will it be that bad?
  6. Nice one for your help kymation. Great contribution. Through trial and error and abit of effort, ive managed to find what needed changing and where. So seems to be working fine so far. Nice one. thumbsup
  7. Ok I this is what ive managed to find. Would it be one of these and if so what code to be put in and how do you understand what code needs to go in? CSS class: IMG.productsMainImage { border-width:2px; border-style:solid; border-color:black; } OR somewhere in this section of more_pics.php: // Set up the large image table $large_image_string .= '<table border="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="2">' . "\n"; $large_image_string .= ' <tr>' . "\n"; $large_image_string .= ' <td align=left>'; $large_image_string .= tep_image (DIR_WS_IMAGES . $main_image, '', '', '', 'name="MainImage" class="productsMainImage"') . "\n"; $large_image_string .= ' </td>' . "\n"; $large_image_string .= ' </tr>' . "\n"; $large_image_string .= ' </table>'; Help please?!
  8. You are correct there. Ive got it to the point that the original image size is shwoing. But what I was looking for is a way to control the size of that main box too. Abit like the osc stock product info image box. What ever the size of the image, it fits into the size of box that it has been set. Am not sure if ive explained myself very well?? Let me know if you didnt i'll try find an example. In the meantime am going to keep on searching and messing about with the codes to see if I can implement this. Help from an expert boss would be great. Regards
  9. Hey boss, managed to fix the small thumbnail issue. Just the size of the main image box left if you wouldnt mind. Am still searching through everything to try find where I do it
  10. Thanks boss, that one sorted out. Still cant seem to get the main image to a size I want or the small thumbnails to be of an equal size?? I believe thats all thats left and everything sorted out. Its matter of configuring sizes.
  11. Thanks boss. Just managed to get the more pic box up. Its perfect for what ive been looking for. Now unfortunately I dont understand php that well to be able to know and write php code. So I kind of mess around with codes try figure what doesnt work. As you are more experienced boss. Can you tell me if you can help me on this? Wont take up too much of your time. Just need to know if you can. If so which files. 1. I want to have that MorePic box always display regardless if there is "one or 2" pictures, rather than change between one or more pics. Keeps layout in one place. 2. Also minor thing, the MorePic table came up soooo small barely see the pictures. How do I change the size of that? The main picture and also keep the small thumbnails in ratio to each other? e.g. This is the link where the box is messing up Ive ran through the instructions, through php files, been on forum for ages. Cant find it? Thanks in advance.
  12. Hiya guys. Now I feel abit stupid asking this question but, Ive managed to install this contribution which I believe successfully, no errors no nothing. All fine. But one problem! I cant seem to figure out how you use any of the features this contribution is meant to give?? I add extra pics, but it doesnt show on product info page?! I switch the flags on the extra image to green to show on product info page, soon as I do that the other image automatically switches off to red. So I cant have any more than 1 image on green at a time. There is no additional image box on product info page, hence no mouse over effect, not even the ZOOM link below the picture works? Just does nothing but put #MorePics on the end of URL after pressing it?? Am sure its a simple thing or silly thing am missing here. Cheers Also to clarify this is on a fresh Oscommerce Install. So its not a modded one, and its the current one you download from here RC2a I believe.
  13. Well am not sure if will get a reply but ive taken out the "ask a question" feature from the code to be able to use it without it untill i can figure out why its doing that or if somebody can help.
  14. hello, everybody, i can see that this forum has gone quiet but thought i would ask for help anyway as it refers to this contribution. Ive added the add on successfully, but having one problem. the iframe contained within the "ask a question" tab, keeps loading/showing the index page "interative with my whole website" within the iframe, instead of what should be the ask a question form??!! As i am pretty new to php so any help would be appreciated. I managed to fix the error messages that kept popping up when selecting categories but stuck on this one
  15. Hello Guys, this is the first time replying to a topic was only due to problems I was having. Ive read and not sure if this had been mentioned or if anyone else is having this problem. I downloaded the latest oscommerce install and overwrote the files with the ones mentioned in this full UK installation but found the problem that, everything works and looks fine from the fresh install. But as soon as i start adding products, when pressing the category on the front end, which then shows the sub categories e.g cPath=21 not the product_info page, the page wasnt working properly. The "New products for November" box beneath would only show the heading but no products, and the category box on cPath=21 when selecting a category and takes you to the page with subcategories etc wouldnt display properly either. This from a fresh install with no mods other than overwritting the files before installation mentioned in the contribution. I know the US version doesnt have this problem. I know this problem might be quite vague from my explanation, so if anybody is willing to help i can try show a picture of the problem. I going to try manually update after a US based installation.