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  1. bigbird_3156

    Data Base Credit Card Error Report system

    Hello, I have created a functioning Credit card payment module through my banks payment gateway that works well. What I am having trouble with is when a transaction does not work and the user gets given an error code. at present I have a set up that through a bunch of "if" statements generates an on screen message appropriate to the error and generates an email record of this error that is emailed to the customer and to the store (if appropriate) I would like to change this for a database based system rather than the hard coded if statement system I currently have. Does anyone know of a payment module that would already has a function like this that I can use as a guideline on how to do such a thing?
  2. bigbird_3156

    Header Tags SEO

    Hi, Ive been installing HTSEO and have come up with a bit of a problem that I have search for an answer for but had no real luck.... The keywords page in admin does not load properly. here is an image of what it looks like http://creativeabundance.com.au/header_tag_SEO_keywords.jpg ... because I have not seen this working anywhere else I don't know what is missing or where the problem could be - every other page seems to be loading properly (at least without having done any actual using of the functions) By the way are there any good online resources to explain all the SEO stuff that people would recommend?
  3. bigbird_3156

    Hacking a CC Module

    Hi, I'm trying to create a Credit card module that will work for my banks gateway, they have given me the software with the sending and receiving parameters and I think I can get something together that will work... if I have a module that I can hack and create a bit of a Frankenstein out of... of the reinstalled modules is there one that is more straight forward, that I could use for this purpose... Basically I need to send the following parameters... $requestParameters = array(); $requestParameters[ "order.type" ] = $orderType; // merchant info $requestParameters[ "customer.username" ] = $customerUsername; // merchant info $requestParameters[ "customer.password" ] = $customerPassword; // merchant info $requestParameters[ "customer.merchant" ] = $customerMerchant; // merchant info $requestParameters[ "customer.orderNumber" ] = $orderNumber; // $requestParameters[ "customer.originalOrderNumber" ] = $orderNumber; $requestParameters[ "card.PAN" ] = $cardNumber; $requestParameters[ "card.CVN" ] = $cardVerificationNumber; $requestParameters[ "card.expiryYear" ] = $cardExpiryYear; $requestParameters[ "card.expiryMonth" ] = $cardExpiryMonth; $requestParameters[ "card.currency" ] = $cardCurrency; $requestParameters[ "order.amount" ] = $orderAmountCents; $requestParameters[ "order.ECI" ] = $orderECI; // merchant info
  4. bigbird_3156

    Auto Update Currencies

    in case anyone wants to get the inverse value, this is how you do it... function quote_xe_currency($from, $to = DEFAULT_CURRENCY) { and, function quote_oanda_currency($base, $code = DEFAULT_CURRENCY) {
  5. Hi, I've installed the addon, and I get the following error when I (as a customer) get to the checkout_shipping.php page: I have looked through this thread and it seems that one other user has had the same problem, but I could not find a resolution. Can anyone help me with a possible cure??? :x
  6. bigbird_3156

    Auto Update Currencies

    Sick of me yet???? :blush: I think I have my code sorted so it works for what I asked earlier (posts #72 & #73) once I'm sure I'll post it up here just incase there is another person who needs that info.... Quick question though... Do you know how often you can access the exchange rates without getting blocked out??? is every hour too frequent?
  7. bigbird_3156

    Auto Update Currencies

    Is there any way to remove the HOURS_BETWEEN_UPDATES delay so that the Auto_update_currencies thing works instantaneously, I just want to get rid of it while I'm playing around with the code a bit so that I can test if it is working or not.
  8. bigbird_3156

    Auto Update Currencies

    thanks for that Jack, Gives me somewhere to start at least! regards, Peter
  9. bigbird_3156

    Auto Update Currencies

    Sorry, to explain a bit.... I am using AUD as my default currency, however I sell stock around the world at static prices in different currencies.... So something I sell in AUD for $8 I sell in USD for $6.60 and in GBP for $4.25 etc... these values stay the same ... I have set this up with the separate price per customer addon, and have modified my code so that the prices for the different currencies are not affected by the currency conversion ... however I now need to convert the static price (say USD$6.60 to AUD)... to use this example if I have the default currency as AUD and convert the price using the current conversion rate 0.94030 I get a value of AUD $6.21 what I need to do is convert it using the inverse value (essentially converting Aussie dollars to US dollars) of 1.06394 to get a value of AUD $7.02 I need however to convert 4 different currencies to AUD for this all to work .. so I cannot set my default to USD (which would make the above example work) Hopefully that makes sense???? - to clarify things a bit more ... if you look at this link on XE http://www.xe.com/currencyconverter/convert/?Amount=1&From=AUD&To=USD&r=#rates you will see that in the list they have 1AUD = USD 0.94030 and the inverse value of that is 1.06394. I want the inverse value...
  10. bigbird_3156

    Auto Update Currencies

    Sorry to post again so soon... Do you know if there is an easy way to get the inverse values for the exchange rates? I have a site set up with static prices for each foreign currency I use and I need this to convert them to AUD to charge the customer (yes they know that it happens this way).
  11. bigbird_3156

    Auto Update Currencies

    Thanks for that, I did look through the old posts but was more concerned with finding the same error message as I got so missed it all together!
  12. bigbird_3156

    Auto Update Currencies

    Hi Jack, I just installed your addon - I have not set up a cronjob yet, but installed the code at the end of admin/index.php as instructed. When I go into admin however I get this warning at the bottom of the page: Fatal error: Cannot redeclare date_diff() in /home/creativ3/public_html/orders/admin/auto_update_currencies.php on line 44 And obviously, my currencies are not updated either. Any ideas as to what is the problem?
  13. bigbird_3156

    Auto currency exchange

    Thanks Jack, I'll give it a go.
  14. bigbird_3156

    Auto currency exchange

    Hi everyone. Is their a generally accepted preferred auto currency exchange rate addon? I will only be working with 5 major currencies (USD, CAD, AUD, EUR, GBP), and can use cronjobs. Hopefully I will be able to modify it so that rather than converting from the default currency to the customers currency it will convert from the customers currency to the default currency. (don't worry, it makes sense in the scheme of things). thanks heaps,
  15. bigbird_3156

    Zone Shipping by State, Ver. 1.0

    Hi Im using ver 1.5 but this seems to be the closest thing to a forum for that so i hope you can help. I have modified this add-on to work for australia which has a bunch of different postal zones per state. As a result I have created a new table within my database that has a list of all australian postcodes and the corresponding postal zone, I've called this aus_postcodes. I have got the actual interstate.php file work fine with this so the correct postage shows up on the checkout_shipping.php page... however... When I select the postage the website does not progress to the next page but instead reloads checkout_shipping.php. I assume that the problem lies within the classes/order.php file as I have added the new postal zone (simply called "zone" in my aus_postcodes table). Do you think I have to add this 'zone' somewhere into this section of orders.php (around line 163): $shipping_address_query = tep_db_query("select ab.entry_firstname, ab.entry_lastname, ab.entry_company, ab.entry_street_address, ab.entry_suburb, ab.entry_postcode, ab.entry_city, ab.entry_zone_id, z.zone_name, z.zone_code, ab.entry_country_id, c.countries_id, c.countries_name, c.countries_iso_code_2, c.countries_iso_code_3, c.address_format_id, ab.entry_state from " . TABLE_ADDRESS_BOOK . " ab left join " . TABLE_ZONES . " z on (ab.entry_zone_id = z.zone_id) left join " . TABLE_COUNTRIES . " c on (ab.entry_country_id = c.countries_id) where ab.customers_id = '" . (int)$customer_id . "' and ab.address_book_id = '" . (int)$sendto . "'"); and then change this line to reflect the changes as well (around line 262): 'state' => ((tep_not_null($shipping_address['entry_state'])) ? $shipping_address['entry_state'] : $shipping_address['zone_code']), And if I do have to change it, do you have any idea how i go about it??? Or do you think there is a problem somewhere else?? Thanks for any help that can be given!!!