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  1. I am having the same issue and I went into the sitemaps.index.php file and changed accordingly: define('DIR_WS_CATALOG', '/var/www/vhosts/merxmedia.com/subdomains/vintagestore/httpdocs/'); define('DIR_WS_HTTP_CATALOG', '/var/www/vhosts/merxmedia.com/subdomains/vintagestore/httpdocs/'); I am using plesk and think it may have something to do with the subdomain I am testing on, but am not entirely sure. the test url is here http://vintagestore.merxmedia.com/ The error I am getting is below: ERROR: Google Product Sitemap Generation FAILED! ERROR: Google Category Sitemap Generation FAILED! ERROR: Google Sitemap Index Generation FAILED! Array ( [QUERY] => Array ( [PRODUCTS] => Array ( [sTATUS] => success [NUM_ROWS] => 27 ) [CATEOGRY] => Array ( [sTATUS] => success [NUM_ROWS] => 20 ) ) [sAVE_FILE_XML] => Array ( [0] => Array ( [file] => /var/www/vhosts/merxmedia.com/subdomains/vintagestore/httpdocs//sitemapproducts.xml [status] => failure [file_exists] => false ) [1] => Array ( [file] => /var/www/vhosts/merxmedia.com/subdomains/vintagestore/httpdocs//sitemapcategories.xml [status] => failure [file_exists] => false ) [2] => Array ( [file] => /var/www/vhosts/merxmedia.com/subdomains/vintagestore/httpdocs//sitemapindex.xml [status] => failure [file_exists] => false ) ) ) Any help is appreciated. Martin
  2. I see that this has been asked before, but there was no answer. Is there a way to add multiple images to this contrib? I have seen in many other postings that there are errors when trying to use another contrib for multiple images and lightbox. Is there a direct way to do this with this contribution? It works great otherwise. Thanks!