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  1. mrbill

    [Contribution] SEO-G

    On the SEO-G CONFIGURATION page try the following changes. Change SEO-G Parts Separator = "_" to "/" (that is a forward slash instead of an underscore) Change SEO-G Inner Separator = "_" to "/" (that is a forward slash instead of an underscore) Think that should do the trick for you. UPDATE: actually as I review my response I am not sure that this will correct your specific problem, sorry. I was going to now suggest you make the LINKAGE for Manufacturers, Categories & Products all the same but looks like you already did that.
  2. mrbill

    [Contribution] SEO-G

    Reviews and Write Reviews TYPES are my attempt at trying to solve the REVIEW BUTTON URL problem. Thought if I split those to their own TYPES then maybe they would work properly for me. Guess not. I have a heavily modified site, notably the HEADER TAGS FOR NOVICE contribution. Do you think this might have some conflict with SEO-G? As far as I can tell the contribution only allows for customization of HEADER TAG info. I am not using any modifications/contributions that would be suspect. enigma1 - In mid-response to you I just decided to turn off the TWO TYPES I added *Reviews & Write Reviews*, and disable MANUFACTURERS TYPE *I do not have manufacturers in my cart* and purge my link *REPORTS*. Now it seems to be working if I go to the product directly *domain-name.com/product-name.html*. BUT if I am coming from the product listing I get the same problem *domain-name.com/category_product-name.html*, this results in incorrect links being generated for REVIEWS. REVIEWS have the identical URL as the PAGE and are not prefixed as in *domain-name.com/review_product-name.html*. Getting closer, any more ideas? Thanks in advance.
  3. mrbill

    [Contribution] SEO-G

    I think you can eliminate the SID under: CONFIGURATION>SESSIONS Then set FORCE COOKIE USE = TRUE PREVENT SPIDER SESSIONS = TRUE Hope that helps.
  4. mrbill

    [Contribution] SEO-G

    Having a really hard time getting SEO-G to correctly create links for REVIEW pages from the PRODUCT INFO page. Can anyone guide me in the correct way to set this up so that review pages and product pages do not have the same link? I have gone through and added the products and categories under the SEO-G CONTROLLER page. Below is the information I have on the SEO-G Types page. Read the SEO-G docs but can't quite figure it out still - HELP! Running SEO-G v1.20 The following TYPES are ACTIVE: NAME | HANDLER | CLASS | PREFIX | SORT ORDER | LINKAGE Manufacturers | BLANK | seo_manufacturers | BLANK | 17 | 3 Categories | BLANK | seo_categories | BLANK | 18 | 1 Products | product_info.php, popup_image.php | seo_products | BLANK | 19 | 1 Reviews | product_reviews.php, product_reviews_info.php | seo_products | reviews | 20 | 4 Write Reviews | product_reviews_write.php | seo_products | write | 21 | 4 The following TYPES are DEACTIVATED: Authors, Topics, Articles, Information, Link Categories
  5. mrbill

    [Contribution] SEO-G

    In addition to the above post from me - I also noticed that my PRODUCT REVIEW pages are not always getting picked up with and without reviews being contained. By that I mean the pages are not automatically being created with http://domain/product_reviews_CAT-BROWN.html. The page just goes back to the product page at http://domain/CAT-BROWN.html or the next click or refresh will take me to LOGIN.html again and not the product itself or the review of the product.
  6. mrbill

    [Contribution] SEO-G

    Hello All, osC details osCommerce 2.2-MS2 PHP Version: 4.3.8 (Zend: 1.3.0) Apache Release 10331100 MySQL 4.0.27-standard Problem The oddest thing happens when I hit refresh or occasionally when I hit a category link. I am taken to the login page rather than the page I was on or wanted to go to via the link. Any ideas how to fix this or a clue why it might be acting this way? More info: the links are correctly assigning the name of the proper page, example CAT.html for CAT category as well as the CAT_brown.html for the BROWN CAT contained in the CAT category. But if I click the link to the CAT_brown.html I am taken to login.html instead.
  7. mrbill

    [Contribution] SEO-G

    Just wanted to say many thanks to the author, enigma1, for one truly awesome contribution. Setup and install could not have gone any easier. Works as described and extremely flexible SEO friendly URL creation. Almost as impressive as the actual working contribution is the README file for the contribution. Best I have ever seen for an OSC contribution, for that matter, beats almost any type of open source script installation instructions I have come across! ENIGMA1, MANY MANY THANKS AGAIN. Regards, Bill
  8. this feature is working, its just that the development team hasn't given its complete blessing yet. Their could still be problems when activating the search engine feature that haven't been found yet. Basically use it at your own risk, but I'm sure your server won't blow up... at least I don't think so :lol:
  9. mrbill

    Fedex Zip Zones 1.3 released

    Hello, I'm using the latest Fedex Zone V.2 contribution and would like to know how to get past the 150lbs. weight limit. Our site sells items that are not by themselves that heavy but when you start to combine all the items the weight can begin to exceed that amount quickly. Once the weight limit is reached no Fedex options are displayed. Also get this error: Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /Users/Sites/my_site_name/includes/modules/shipping/fedexzipzones.php on line 110 I guess part of the problem is that the shipping calculation combines all the items in the customers cart and multiplies that by the total amount, usually displayed like (1 x 150 lb(s)). Don't have a clue where to begin, so any help on this is appreciated. Thanks in advance. ----------------------- Environment ----------------------- PHP 4.2.x Linux/Apache MySql 3.23.xx OSC build Nov. 2002 Fedex Zone V.2 Contribution