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  1. LumberJack5500

    Shipping Costs

    Thanks! Is there a way to re-bill the client after the adjustments have been made? or allow the client to resubmit payment?
  2. LumberJack5500

    Shipping Costs

    Hello, I would like to be able to go into an order and add the shipping costs after I have a total from the supplier, is there a module that would let me do this? Thanks!
  3. LumberJack5500

    Paypal Website Payments Pro: Problem

    What would be the best Paypal module to setup if my friend just has a normal Paypal account? I still haven't been able to get Paypal to work...
  4. LumberJack5500

    Paypal Website Payments Pro: Problem

    I keep receiving this error while trying to process a payment with Paypal, any starting points? Thanks! -Douglas