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  1. Mursunen

    Table rate shipping by weight at checkout

    Hi! It seems Chris really cracked this one out, the weight based function works now perfectly! In: Settings / Shipping & Packaging / Enter the maximum package weight you will ship... I had there a value of 50000 which I remember never to have changed, so it must be just a default value. My maximum weight based value was 100kg. So, I changed this value also to 100 and presto - the functionality started to work right away. I've now tested this in every way and it just works. Thank you for everybody for your feedback, especially for Chris who saved my day (and maybe a few others' as well)! -Marcus
  2. Mursunen

    Table rate shipping by weight at checkout

    After all this time, this issue is still open for me and others, and no one has a solution. Should I shout "BUG BUG BUG"? A bug it looks like to be in my opinion after trying for months to get this function to work.
  3. Mursunen

    Table rate shipping by weight at checkout

    "Otherwise the weight part of the table rate should work 'straight out of the box'" That's what I thought as well and for price based it does work perfectly. To this day I have been unable to make the weight based working at all. The problem cannot be anymore caused by a bad weight table, I have tested every possible variation and example. Could someone point out what is needed to be ok for the weight based table functionality to work? Thank you!
  4. Mursunen

    Table rate shipping by weight at checkout

    Hi Peter, Thank you for the tip. I tested with the formula you gave and also with different variations of it and of the one that I've used, however unfortunately the value persists on being zero. Tested changing to price based - again works fine. Do you have the weights visible at the checkout view? I mean, do they need to be visible for making the calculation? Thank you!
  5. Hi all! I am using OSC v2.2ms2 and have set up a few shops running on it. The installation is as it was in the download, only images and other visual elements are changed. I have installed no mods and made no changes to any of the code. Only now I have needed to use the weight based table rate shipping, and stumbled into the following issue that seems to be in every store I've set up... o All products have weights correctly set and they show ok. o The shop zone is set. o 'Show product weight on product list' is enabled. o Table rate shipping is enabled and set to weight based. o Table contents: 2:11.45,10:15.45,30:19.75,100:59.25 The problem is that at checkout the shipping price persistently remains zero. If I change the shipping module as price based - all works ok. Changing back to weight based makes it zero again. So the module itself seems to be alive and working, maybe I have missed something simple in the shop settings? Could someone who knows OSC better tell me what I may be missing here? Thank you very much in advance!