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  1. It seems like your google ads are working on your website. did you get someone else to take a look at it or did you give it enough time to work on its own?

  2. Hello all, I have recently installed Link Manager II on a website for a friend of mine. After following the installation instructions I am encountering the following error Fatal error: Cannot redeclare tep_show_category() (previously declared in /home/www.pets/public_html/includes/boxes/categories.php:13) in /home/www.pets/public_html/includes/boxes/categories.php on line 59 Do anyone know the root of this error and how to eliminate it? this error can be found @ http://petsmagic.com/links.php usually, I am pretty good at following instructions, but now that I have ran into this problem, I am lost for words. Thank You P.S. this is a wonderful addon.
  3. I have been wondering the same thing. I am not sure if this is an issue with the way google load their ads, if it is related to osc or is it a server configuration that needs to be activated to display google ads. I have no way of deleted the contribution from osc website. but I will give a statement in regard to this module. I am so sorry for the inconvenience.

  4. hello

    I have a question about the adsense module you developed

    My website is www.thestore.za.net and I loaded your adsense module but if you take a look all I get is empty space instead of my adsense adds? Did I do something wrong?

    I thank you for your time

    JOhann (South Africa)

  5. Hello Harald,

    Thank you for such a wonderful oScommerce platform. I wish you the greatest success and eternal happiness. I can't wait for the release of v3..

  6. wally_wally

    Osc About us (add-on) Page

    Hey, I checked out that link. The coding there looks exactly like the coding in the add-on I altered. In fact, it looked the same as the tutorial "When I finished it." I didn't know that tutorial was available (" maybe I should spend more time on OSc") but seriously, my instinct led me not to drastically alter the coding. ("in respect of the respected owner(s)") The before file lacked a few things, so I spruced it up. All links and trademarks are intact. apparently, a page won't work without it... hey thanks again, Bill. & p.s. there is no misunderstanding Bill. I really did not know that was there. I appreciate you telling me that. Who knows how long it would have took me to find it, if you would not have told me.
  7. wally_wally

    Osc About us (add-on) Page

    hey, hows it going? I'm glad that you said what you have to say. Because I'm still learning how osc operates. and if I'm doing something wrong, or if I didn't know that know that a certain resource is available,comments like your are still helpful. I'm not one who will jump all over your case for telling me something helpful. Simply because of two things. #1. It could be something that I can learn from. #2. Maybe I should reconsider the way I do things. it's Win-win. Thanks for your comment. I'll check into that for future reference. And if I have offend the knowledge base, I extend my apologies and will never do it again.
  8. Hello all? remember me? LOL. Anyways, it is my pleasure to announce that I have contributed my second contribution to the osc community. This add-on page is designed for all osc websites. You can use this add on to create an about us section for your webstore, so your customers can learn all about you or your company. This add on comes from an older version of osc, I had to conduct extensive configurations, re-coding & development, to make it work in newer versions of Osc. Contribution is available at: Download free contribution here Live Demo is available at: My Osc all is welcomed to use this contribution for their webstore. More contributions are on the way; until then, feel free to check out my other add-ons. here's the link
  9. Google Adsense box. You can use this new add on to display google adsense ads on you oSc. This is one of the easiest add ons that you will ever install. 2 files, two steps. Click here for Demo Click here for contribution page This add on is free for all oSc users.