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  1. Hmmm... It doesn't seem that the product_listing_setup.php is included in the last two releases. Am I missing something here? LOL
  2. GraphicServices

    AJAX Attribute Manager support

    Just wanted to say: GREAT CONTRIBUTION! I installed it on heavily modified osCommerce RC2a, and with only a minor fix suggested in the form, works great! I have only one request, that possibly in the future it be possible to have the actual price in the drop down menu. I tried to do integrate this with other actual price in drop down menu mods and failed miserably, as I am not a php programmer. Anyways, just a thought. And again, thanks for sharing the mod! :) :)
  3. GraphicServices

    SEO Assistant

    Jack, great contribution! I just noticed one thing, it may even be mentioned in the forum, but when you use the index position with (show results), and get the results back, it looks like the domain names are truncated. Other then that, it's fabulous!
  4. GraphicServices

    Header Tags SEO

    Just wanted to say thanks for responding. I'm sure you are very busy, and I will happily wait for the next release. On another note, I installed seo-g contribution right after, and it worked beautifully, the only problem, as I said, is the bug. Just thought other users of this awesome mod would like to know that. Thanks again Jack. :) :) :)
  5. GraphicServices

    Header Tags SEO

    The same happens with the manufactures page. Please help, anyone :) :)
  6. GraphicServices

    Header Tags SEO

    Whoops. I said the wrong thing. It appears all the header tags work correctly on the product_info.php page, I was just not editing the right fields. However, the problem is with the Header Tags Category Title, Header Tags Category Description, and the Header Tags Category Keywords on the categories page (you know the index.ph?(dah dah...)). If I add the tags to the index.php page, then those tags appear on all categories pages, and if it left empty, they are empty. Some help on this would be much appreciated. BTW, this is an amazing contribution, worthy of a medal!!!
  7. GraphicServices

    Header Tags SEO

    Hello all. I just installed the contribution, however, no matter what I do, the index meta tags appear on all the pages including: product pages, category pages, etc. I have installed this on an unmodified osCommerce RC2. Does anyone have any suggestions? I tried installing it three times but to no avail. I think it is an awesome mod, and don't mean to diss it at all. I just need help with this. Thank you