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  1. I believe that it can be done. CRE Loaded is just osCommerce with a bunch of contributions and other mods added in. The problem with this is that a lot of the files will be quite different due to the other modifications that have already been made. Also, I believe that it has a templating system included, and those tend to move code off into the template files, so you have to track down the file that the code is now in to modify it. It's going to be a big project. I suspect that you will learn quite a bit about the code in the process of making this change.






    Thanks for the reply. Since I so novice I doubt this will be a project I will take on, well at least for now since Im still learning web design, php, js, etc. This as is was a big project for me and dont know if I will be able to handle another project like this especially since your telling me its definetly going to be challenging.


    Do you know of any good recommendations for someone who can assist with this if it comes down to the last resort and I need this functionality?




  2. You have $this->insure defined twice: Once in the class constructor (Line 28) and again in a method (Line 98ff). That's going to mess things up. You need to remove everything from the class constructor that you have defined in methods or elsewhere.


    The problem that is causing this error message is a failure to pass $vendors_id. There's a typo on Line 178 ($vendors_is) that is causing at least one problem. There may be others.


    I like this tool you're using to show the code. Much more convenient than copying code from the forum and pasting it in my editor to look at it. I'll have to remember that one.








    Ive been reading up on this MVS as I was told would be what Im looking for and it seems you are pretty knowledgable with it so I have a few questions if you dont mind....if anyone can answer or assist as well would be great.


    I am currently using CRE Loaded B2B 6.2 (11) and was told if I install the OSC version its going to be a challenge is it possible or does anyone know or had good experience with adding this feature on CRE??? Im know very little about coding!


    Basically what Im looking for is the ability to ship products from my suppliers from the West and East Coast and try to get the shipping close to the cost as possible.


    Can this be done???