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  1. trader0337

    cashU Payment Module

    i have this installed, but how to generate the digest key? anyone can help?
  2. trader0337

    FedEx Meter #

    Dear expert, I have an account here: http://www.fedex.com/us/developer/index.html I choose getting started with web service and inside has tons informations, my question is which one should i click to obtain the fedex meter number ? is it "move to production" or ? Please help.. Thanks
  3. trader0337

    What module to use?

    what do you means by encrypted payments? website SSL does not means encrypted payments? Please explain in details. Thanks
  4. I have done research on this board but I found alot people has bugs on paypal website payment standard module. can anyone tell me, does paypal IPN take credit card+paypal balance ? Anyone has complete setting and working fine for paypal website payment standard module ? Please help, thanks
  5. trader0337

    What module to use?

    How to set this: Your Private Key Your Public Certificate PayPals Public Certificate Your PayPal Public Certificate ID Please help.. Thanks
  6. Any website to refer eshipper? what cost to open an account? Any fees involve? Since I have fedex and dhl corporate account myself, will it conflict with eshipper? Thanks
  7. Do we need account with eShipper? I have fedex/dhl corporate account. Shimonp, I have sent you an email and pm, please check. Thanks
  8. trader0337

    Module for Webmoney

    I found one but is on russian version, trying to mail to the author, but the email address is died.. someone can help on this? I need english version for webmoney. russian version: http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contri...search,webmoney Thanks
  9. trader0337

    Module for Moneybookers

    Does anyone know any module for moneybookers that accept only EURO currency? Please point me to a direct module. Thanks
  10. trader0337

    Anyone has Alipay module

    Thank you for your help!!
  11. There has alot fedex modules.. Can somebody point me to the right one please? I need something like: 1. calculate weight(grams) + zones based when buyer enter their zip code. 2. including tax if possible? I have fedex corporate account, if we install fedex module, do I need to generate the key for fedex module base on my fedex corporate account? Is this call API or ? I am confusing. Someone please help. Thanks
  12. trader0337

    Anyone has Alipay module

    I try to search but I cant find it, please post it... Urgent.. thanks