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  1. @JcMagpie @Patty I've found something wrong with this. For some products the Out of Stock button shows on products_info page, however my admin shows that qty is in stock, date is empty
  2. Peper

    Custom forms help on emagicone

    Thanks, got it sorted
  3. Anyone familiar with this desktop program? I need to alter a custom report and bit setback on the SQL part SELECT T1.products_id, T2.products_name, T1.products_model, T1.products_barcode, T1.manufacturers_id, T1.products_price, T1.vendors_id FROM /*PREFIX*/products T1 INNER JOIN /*PREFIX*/products_description T2 ON T2.products_id = T1.products_id And T2.language_id = /*CURRENT_LANGUAGE_ID*/ WHERE T1.products_id /*PRODUCTS_ID_LIST*/ Order by vendors_id Above currently working except it is giving the vendors_id for the product ie. 5 I have a table called vendors, this have vendors_id and vendors name in it How to make the products vendors_id show as vendors_name in above query?
  4. @Patty Thanks, just what i was looking for Seems there is no out of stock button or message in stock Phoenix.
  5. Whole lot of undefined errors: https://www.infinitydream.com/mobiles-tablets-apple-iphone-3gs-phones-c-127_128_61_62.html Default langauge is English, yet some buttons is french Google wants to translate Compact and clean site
  6. Their module is way outdated also not php7
  7. Fixed So after a while knowing my admin is showing no products in that category i went to check the database itself in phpmyadmin. Check first the main category number in admin that is causing the problem, mine was 209 example Check phpmyadmin table products_to_categories and sort categories_id Check then if there is a product_id assigned to category_id 209 My case there was 1 product with id 2192 - maybe corrupted sometime or so, 2192 product_id was also not found in table products - so safe to delete Deleted that row, checked front end and bam - working correctly Would be absolutely nice to have a check system build into osc for products/categories for possible issues Hope this helps someone
  8. @burt Strange thing i have another category also with many sub categories - showing fine The other category shows "There are no products available in this category." There are no products in this main category, only sub categories then with products in the subs
  9. @ecartz Ok, i missed it, my word.. However it was enabled so i removed it and reinstalled module There are no products in this category, only contains products in it's sub categories (9) Still showing There are no products available in this category.
  10. @ecartz I realized i have the same issue. Using Phoenix There is no module like this in admin > Modules > Content > Sub Category List Any help pls
  11. Peper

    Add More Fields

    @Jack_mcs Thanks Jack, that was close enough for me <?php echo tep_draw_separator('pixel_trans.gif', '24', '15') . '&nbsp;' . tep_draw_textarea_field($field['field_name'] . '[' . (int)$field['language_id'] . ']', 'soft', 30, 5, $field['field_value']) . '&nbsp; ' . $languages[$field['language_id']-1]['name']; ?>
  12. Peper

    Add More Fields

    @Jack_mcs Old but gold, please help. in categories.php, the input box to text box - how to? tep_draw_input_field($field['field_name'], $field['field_value']); to tep_draw_textarea_field with box size specified Also not to remove html and retain new lines when saving - using table products_description and updated the new field to varchar 512
  13. @milerwan May i ask if you are willing to share the net, gross price display?
  14. Peper

    Automatically send data feed to Froogle

    Google warnings not going away Error is Mismatched [price] (page crawl) This comes in pricing showing excl Tax on site, the googlefeeder.txt is calculated including Tax Google bot is crawling site excluding Tax Google reports Mismatched [price] Web is setup to show pricing excluding tax in admin with tax rates 0% and 15% What needs to be done?