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  1. Well it says nothing on what happens to BS Why keep it so much a secret?... 2.4 is on github and so it 2.3... but the last updated times does not make much sense 3.0 has been annouced for ages... its not logic to keep that and stick something in between
  2. yep... that corner is still there... only problem we dont know how far away it is :-D also find it strange to annouce a 2.4 when they have 3.0 still on their site... and looking at github and latest updates etc it makes far less sence so yes... 2.3.4BS is the latest if you ask me... 2.4 does not exist and so far it has only been rumors
  3. yes 2.3.4 BS Should be? why? anyways i regards this as rumors until Gary says otherwise
  4. figured it....language file for cm_i_text_main.php done wrong
  5. going through every setup in admin i got a strange thing when i click modules and then content i get huge fonts and the page starts with the store front main text... where can this happen? as soon i click somewhere else in admin everything is back to normal
  6. i have just recently spent a few days of getting a store in sync with edge then a mail ticks in from a programmer i have hired for a job creating a a addon that can calculate avg. delivery times so we have an idea on how long it takes to delivery this programmer says that 2.4 will be the end of life for the responsive version.... is he right? or would responsive live on and take bits from 2.4?
  7. this is not for mobile.... i have converted BS in to a Point Of Sale terminal and want to see orders total in the cart box so i can tell customer in shop what the total is before i place the order this pos version of BS is just a stripped down version example view: but such a module would also be usefull on the normal site as the customer when placing orders from their home.... they can select in advance if they want the order delivered or not... and how then want to pay but since i'm not a programmer i will live without
  8. @@raiwa - what changes would i need to do for it work from within the shopping cart box in BS version? with selectors for shipping method and payment method as they both can change the outcome of the price
  9. to fast... that only adds 0,00 so it does not display the fee
  10. figured it in checkout payment only add echo ' ('.$currencies->format($selection[$i]['cost']).')';
  11. "If you want to display the payment fee in the checkout page, add this code :" that part of the install.txt does not work in 2.3.4 i get the fee in order total but i want to let the customer know before hand
  12. i got it to work.... first i go to click show more downloads and take the top one then i go to and do the same i first copy over the files from the last one, then over write them with the files from the first one... at the confirm i now have an amount but still need to mod the files so it shows up at payment method selection
  13. i strongly doubt that the link to ver3 in the addons library is really v3... just translating the admin section and found: define('MOD_VER', '2.00');
  14. Deprecated: Function split() is deprecated fixed that by replacing split with explode in the code... so besides translation and the fact that is gives points for everything its pretty close to "useable" i assume the problem in checkout_process is just a small thing but cant see it
  15. bummer... the module award points for everything.... ie if i restrict to a single product it also tells about points for other products :(