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  1. tresseh

    PWA - Session Checkout Issue

    Hi tsteele, I have experienced something similar with a customers store, albeit not directly the same. 3 out of 15,000 orders placed through the site in question have not had any shipping charges applied to their order, although their delivery addresses have been recorded correctly. The store is heavily heavily modified, and uses PWA, CCGV, Gift Wrap modules and a whole bunch of other stuff. I am a competent coder and have managed to successfully get things working and iron out any issues presented. These 3 orders, however, have me somewhat perplexed. The 3 orders are not PWA orders though, so my question to you is do you think that the issue you've identified could also cause problems for ordinary non-PWA customers also? I am wondering if your discovery might shed some light onto the issue I am experiencing. There seems to be nothing similar about any of the orders, they are for different products/amounts, the customers are from various places all over the country and even the 'missing' data varies. For two customers the only thing missing is a shipping charge being applied (no ot_shipping in the order totals) but the delivery address and gift wrap option selected has been successfully recorded. For the most recent customer, their delivery address has been recorded successfully, but no gift wrap option or shipping charge applied. Can you possibly shed any more light on your issue that might have a bearing on mine? I am more than happy to work with you to resolve the problem. Kind regards, Jay
  2. Paul - as a sidenote to your post. I think it would probably be better to supply the contribution as setup for the test server, giving clear instructions on the changes required to switch over to their live server. Just my tuppence!
  3. Paul, fantastic work on this buddy - one of us was going to have to do it, but you beat me to it! ;) I'm now having to get my host to rebuild the server with phpcURL/SSL support :P They love me, they do!
  4. Mark, Great work on the contribution buddy, i'll be playing with this today. If i get any problems/bugs i'll let you know. Do you have any plans to update the direct connection version to MS1?
  5. tresseh

    [Contribution] Protx Form Payment Module

    I have a client interested in using Protx for their payment method, does this contribution function correctly for MS1?
  6. I'm waiting for the "the only dumb question is the one that wasnt asked" post from somebody. Darn, i just did :roll: