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  1. I believe it is not getting data from the rates table. Did you load the data in the rates table correctly?
  2. I have just created a crude USA international zones version. (shipping from USA to other countries only) Let me know if anybody is interested and I will try post in contributions.
  3. For everyone's info, FedEx has officially ended API support today. If you have SOAP problem or any issues with web services and you are in USA, you still have one option: using the local zone rates contribution:
  4. For those who got a '556' error: There are no valid services available. Just change the shipper State/Province data field (in admin panel) to a 2 character state format for e.g. "CA" instead of "California". Great module!
  5. That's great news! Looking forward to it!
  6. It's either 'Ground' or 'Home Delivery' depending on your 'company' field. If you key in something in the company field when checking out, 'Ground' will appear and 'Home delivery' will not.
  7. Hi All, Need to ask for some ideas as I am stumped. My installation worked for over 5 years..and for some reason, it throws up an upload error. After I choose the file, and click insert, it says File uploaded. Temporary filename: User filename: EPBAC111.txt Size: 0 The file just won't upload. I've checked the epconfigure.php settings and temp folder and the file is not there. The temp folder is 777 permission. If I ftp manually, everything is good to go. Would be grateful if anyone has any idea to solve the upload error.
  8. No, it's not supposed to work that way. It's definitely a bug somewhere (either in your installation or this code).
  9. Warning: The current contribution APIs will not work after May 31, 2012. Please see: If anyone is working or would like to work on the migration, would appreciate if you post here so that we can support each other. Thanks.
  10. Just wanted to share a bugfix by bitingenious: ========================================== The site I'm working on is US only, so if anyone entered a letter or other character into the shipping zip code field the site will crash: "1054 - Unknown column '8090B' in 'where clause' SELECT * FROM fedex_pcode_to_zone_xref WHERE 8090B >= pcode_from and 8090B <= pcode_to " I fixed it by changing line 60 in "includes/modules/shipping/fedexzipzones.php" to: if (( $zip == '' ) || ( preg_match("/D/", $zip) )) { this detects any non numeric characters and then exits through the normal error system.
  11. 1. To remove the series of dots, make sure in the 1st line of the csv files, there is no other characters after the name of the service, e.g. change 'Fedex 2nd day,,,,,,' to 'Fedex 2nd day' 2. Haven't have time to investigate this 3. This feature is not implemented in the current version 4. Use and compare the rates.
  12. 1. Data is from the shopping cart weight 2. To selectively turn off states, you need to add the following code: // Refuse shipping if the following zip codes matches if ($order->delivery['zone_id'] == 'xxx' || $order->delivery['zone_id'] == 'xxx' || $order->delivery['zone_id'] == 'xxx') { return $this->quotes; } after if ( $zone_id == '' ){ // something is wrong, we didn't find any zone $this->quotes['error'] = MODULE_SHIPPING_FEDEXZIPZONES_NO_ZONE_FOUND; return $this->quotes; } replacing the xxx above with the zone_id with the states you don't ship to. For the exact list of zone_id, look at the OSCommerce zone table in the database.
  13. Hi, I have just uploaded the 2008 rate tables in v3.1.1. The rates have been heavily revised upwards from the previous 2006 tables. Highly recommend that you run the upgrade. Goto the contribution at to get it. The install html file is also updated with the new fuel surcharge link location. It's very simple to upgrade for existing users: - Backup your database - Copy catalog/admin/buildfedexdata.php - Copy all the csvs from catalog/admin/fedex_local/ - Run catalog/admin/buildfedexdata.php That's it.
  14. woopie! I am looking forward to it. Many thanks for the great support and work! By the way, would 1.0 have the option of just express checkout without paypal direct? It will save some money for people like me who don't need Paypal direct.
  15. I have a small but weird issue in Express Checkout. A customer reported about using Credit Card (instead of PayPal account balance) and when it reaches the confirm screen, it throws an error. It happens to only 1 in 10+ cases. The address is confirmed and the delivery address matches the credit card. Anyone else getting this error? I was wondering whether it is a PayPal fault or a profile settings issue? The admin settings are 'Yes' for verified accounts and confirmed address. *puzzled*