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  1. toneus

    sage pay & php 7.2

    https://toneus.co.uk/oscommerce-sagepayform-for-php-7-2/ I've worked on a solution and tested it on Pheonix addition. Other additions should work unless the default filenames have been changed. sage_pay_form.php
  2. toneus

    Serve images in next-gen formats

    I had the same issue so came up with this solution: https://toneus.co.uk/automagic-webp-images-for-oscommerce/ It puts a check in to see if the browser can accept webp and if it does create the image in webp format and save it, but only do this if it doesn't already exist. This way you can still have your jpg/png images in the OSC product info but serve webp where it is supported (and increase your ranging in the Page Speed index). Hope this helps.
  3. Having wrestled with this for a while now, I've seen the error 'Invalid or not supported Message' in the response_error.log file, not on the explorer window as I and no doubt others were expecting. Perhaps the instructions should be reflected to show this!
  4. Can anybody help me with reponsehandler.php? I've searched the forum and others seem to be having this issue, but I can't seem to find any answers. I've installed, uninstalled and reinstalled to check I've done everything properly and am still getting this error. When I follow the instructions it says: Well, I do this, I get asked for a user name and password, which I presume I'm meant to enter my sandbox number as username, and the key as the password. I then get a HTTP 500 Internal Server error. The response error log states: Anybody any ideas?
  5. Just in case anybody's been struggling the same as me (but couldn't find on the forum) I've figured out how to add tax onto the shipping filed sent to Protx. (If anybody is using Protx (in the uk?) and have send shopping cart details enabled the code does NOT send any shipping tax information although the final amount charged is actually correct). On the protx_form.php file in includes/modules/payment change the code to the following: //This module assumes no tax on shipping //so added the following code: $shiptax = $shipping/100 * tep_get_tax_rate($products[0]['tax_class_id']); //Assuming there will always be one product and at the same tax rate $shiptax = number_format($shiptax, 2, '.', ''); $finalship=$shipping+$shiptax; $finalship = number_format($finalship, 2, '.', ''); //changed next line to $shippingStr .= ":Shipping:1:".$shipping.":".$shiptax.":".$finalship.":".$finalship; //$shippingStr .= ":Shipping:1:".$shipping.":----:".$shipping.":".$shipping; $basketStr = "Basket=".$no_lines; Hope it makes sense. It assumes that there will always be one product in the basket and that the tax associated with that is the same as the tax to be used on shipping.
  6. No I don't think so.
  7. Managed to install this contribution and it works great, with one exception. The inc Tax field is not showing any tax added. For example, here is the invoice generated from OSAdmin: where the tax is correctly shown. Now for the pdf invoice: Although the VAT is correct, the line items are wrong. Any ideas?
  8. Ignore this, I figured it out. (If anybody else is stuck with this, then phpMyAdmin is the tool to use and run an SQL query from a file.) :rolleyes:
  9. This looks like a great contribution and I want to go and install it. I've downloaded and read the installation instructions and have: 1. Run pdf_customer_invoice.sql ** this is not optional! ** Sorry if I'm being a dunce :blink: , but can anybody advise how to do this?