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  1. Balance

    Easy Discount - Emails and admin side

    It looks like the proper lines aren't being added to the orders_total table... Any idea why this would be, or what code I can can look at to attempt to debug?
  2. Balance

    Easy Discount - Emails and admin side

    Do I need to install the module on both the regular and admin side?
  3. I've got the Easy Discount mod installed, but it doesn't seem to be showing up on the admin side: invoices, reports, or emailed order summaries to customers. Any suggestions?
  4. Balance

    Easy Discount

    I just managed tog et Easy Discount working, but I can't see the discount being applied in the admin side. Any tips?
  5. Jinxster3, it looks like you forgot to upload/modify the /includes/filenames.php file as needed... You should need to add a few lines of code to that file from the documentation.
  6. I'm trying to set Discount Coupon Codes up and it seems to not be working. The 'admin' side seems to be working correctly, but when I enter a code during a checkout, it jumps to the next screen without doing anything with the code. I'm not sure what version of osCommerce I'm on, but it is not the most current. The mod is being installed from the most recent contribution, though. No issues installing, and the admin side seems to work fine. To replicate the issue, I get the discount box on checkout_payment.php and enter DISCOUNT which should be an easy match for the defined, always-active test code of DISCOUNT I added through the admin page. Upon clicking 'Continue' the normal checkout_confirmation.php appears with no discount show. I did some additional troubleshooting. I added the statement 'echo $coupon;' to the kgt block so as to determine if the code is being passed correctly. It is, I believe, as the code is now on top of the page display. I tried adding another echo statement for debugging after the ' if( tep_not_null( $coupon ) && is_object( $order->coupon ) ) { //if they have entered something in the coupon field ' but this does not display (even in the page source) so I'm thinking one of the two statements in the if statement are false. I checked these, and it looks like it is the 'is_object($order->Coupon)' that is coming up null. Any suggestions?