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  1. goll

    Migs/Commwebb Not Forwarding to Payment Gateway

    Did you solve the problem, I am having the same problem too? Can you help please?
  2. goll

    Migs CC Payment

    Hi, I am new to this. I have installed the Migs CC payments module on my shop. When I go to make the payment and I have chosen Credit Card and then I hit continue, it refreshes the page and comes back to the Payments page. What needs to be changed?
  3. goll

    More than 1 payment module

    Won't it just email the credit card details and you process manually? If not how do you do this?
  4. goll

    More than 1 payment module

    Thanks Mark, I went and unchecked zones and both modules appeared. Even the credit card details showed. Thanks so much
  5. goll

    More than 1 payment module

    Thanks Mark - I am trying to use BACS (Bank Transfer) and Credit Card (which is only a test module??) Is there anyway I can just get the customer to enter their credit card details, which is sent in an email, which I process manually? Appreciate your time
  6. goll

    More than 1 payment module

    I have two payment modules on my test site and I have this text come up under Payment Method on the Payment Information Page "This is currently the only payment method available to use on this order." When I try to continue the sale is says Please select a payment method for your sale. I am not sure what I have done wrong? Could someone help please???