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  1. Thanks jack. For single product i would like to add 5 images,but in oscommerce 2.2 data model there is only one option available. how to add five images without affecting data model.can we group the products ? is it possible to group the products in oscommerce 2.2
  2. Hi I am satya . newly joined in oscommerce forums. i would like to have structure like this categoreis-->Sub categoreis-->Sub Sub Categoreis-->Products.... How to implement this in oscommerce 2.2 version. also i would like to know from where i will get Product variant functionality for oscommerce 2.2
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    Hi I am satya Newly Joined in Oscommmerce groups. i have gone gone through oscommerce documentaion. I have gone through blogs also. I have seen Product variant show in bloags. i want to implement same product variant functionality in my site. i searched . but i didn;t get. is it yet to be launched? can any one help me in this . please i h've no clue in this .