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  1. Thank you for the reply! I'll wait and see what you can come up with in regards to the USPS integration. Looking forward to it.
  2. Hello, I would like to thank you for developing this module as this may be just what I have been looking for. Before I install, allow me to explain what I would like to do. I hope that you may be able to guide me towards the correct settings. I have several categories and sub-categories that use table based shipping, based on the number of items. I do not wish to change those settings. I am adding a number of new categories/sub-categories that will be free shipping. I will also have at least one category/sub that will ship based upon USPS rates. Will this module work for those requirements and, if so, what settings should I use? Thank you for your time.
  3. Snarg

    Free shipping on select products

    Thanks for the reply Jack. I found the "Free Shipping Per Product" addon pretty much the same time you were replying I'll give that a shot first.
  4. Hello, I would like to have the ability to offer free shipping on select products. Is there a module that does this that is not horribly out of date and works on 2.3.4? Thank you for your time and any assistance you may provide.
  5. I see this message a lot but, I don't really understand what it means. Thank you in advance.
  6. Snarg

    Discount Codes BS

    (sigh) Sometimes it's the simple things that slip right past you... I didn't install the header tags. Thank you so much for your help. I puzzled over it for hours. Thank you and have a great day.
  7. Snarg

    Discount Codes BS

    My question is in reference to the module found here. To the best of my knowledge I have followed all of the install instructions to the letter. I have copied all required files and made the two file changes. The module installs just fine through the admin page and I am able to create an entry. However, upon checkout, an entry field for the discount code does not appear. I have no errors, but I also don't have a functioning discount code :( Does anyone have a screenshot of what it is supposed to look like? Please let me know what other information I may be able to give you. I am very much looking forward to this contrib. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.
  8. Works awesome! Thank you so much burt. Please enjoy a strictly plutonic, between two good buddies, virtural hug.
  9. Thanks Burt :) In turn, I will award you a prize for the fastest repsonse. I'm assuming this chage goes in checkout_shipping.php in the stores root, as this is the only place I can find the line. Changing and testing now...
  10. Appoligies in advance for bumping such a horribly old topic. Please forgive me. I have burt's contribution currently installed, and it works fine. The problem is, I don't know how to make it mandatory that someone fill out a date. I have found this contrib. I know it is really old, but does anyone know if it would work with OSCommerce v2.3.3.1? Thank you for your time.
  11. Snarg

    View Counter

    Thank you so much Jack, the fix seems to be working great. I'll let you know if something goes awry. On a side note, I love how much support you give for a free product. Please, keep up the good work.
  12. Snarg

    View Counter

    Thank you for the quick reply Jack. Ummm..one question though, in what file would I make this change? Thanks in advance.
  13. Snarg

    View Counter

    I am having a similar issue. The site never loads, it just eventually goes to an error. I can load my admin screen and have disabled View Counter so the site will run. This is the error I get: Warning: file_get_contents(http://api.hostip.info/?ip=206.63.xxx.xxx): failed to open stream: Connection timed out in /homepages/25/d238487425/htdocs/includes/modules/view_counter_country_block.php on line 79 2006 - MySQL server has gone away select 1 from view_counter_block_list where name_to_block = '' [TEP STOP] 2006 - MySQL server has gone away select count(*) as total from sessions where sesskey = 'x2bx4b8xa6x3a1xx84x0e10xc83x13d77c' [TEP STOP]
  14. @@fur Thank you. The contib works great 'out of the box' :) Teeny, tiny, non-issue to most people, issue for me: I have FWR Media's KissER Error Handling contrib installed on my test site. When I bring up the report, I have about 17 of these type of errors: Error: Undefined index: count_by File: stats_keywords_searched.php Line: 17 I realize that these are not show stoppers, by any means however, if I could fix them (not suppress them) that would be awesome. I am not a coder, by any stretch of the imagination however, I did try and fix it. Failed miserably. I messed around with isset() with no success. Any chance you could point me in the right direction? Thank you for this contrib and your time.
  15. So far it looks good. Now I just need to have an error so I can see if it actually reports. Thank you @@greasemonkey :)