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  1. karcher

    Admin Access w/ Levels

    Thanks. I'm trying to see if I can get an MS1 administrators 1.4.6 to work with ms2. I think it's simpler and quicker to add. If I get stuck I'll try the more complicated contribution. Regards.
  2. karcher

    Admin Access w/ Levels

    Can anyone give me the link to this contribution? I'm looking for a simple admin with levels contribution and don't seem to be able to find the one I installed for ms1. Thanks.
  3. Hi Does the latest version 1.7 of this contribution (CCCVV_ISSUE_START Selectable with card blacklist) work with ms1? Or do I need to upgrade the site to ms2 for it to work? Thanks
  4. Hi I'm looking into installing a contribution which allows me to gather the CCV data for a credit card. I've come across several contributions of various ages and differing levels of revisions. I'm interested in people's comments, particularly if they also allow the validation of UK switch cards. Thanks
  5. Thanks, now for the fun of installing it without breaking the shop.
  6. Hi, Please can someone supply a url for the latest version of this contribution, i.e. v 1.61. Thanks. Karen
  7. Before I install this contribution (CC_CVV+UK Switch v1.31 with Card Blacklist+Admin), does it work on ms1? Is this a good contribution to use in UK ecommerce shops? Thanks Karen
  8. What are your thoughts on these 2 contributions? I think they do pretty much the same thing, only Dynamic Mopics using a naming convention to display additional images, thumbnails, etc. and Additional Images for MS2 using an admin form for specifying the images separately. Neither of them seem to make it easier to add a product and the necessary images. Any other good image contributions for ms2? Regards
  9. karcher

    [Contribution] Additional Images Module

    Great news tobz, I look forward to your release later today. Thank you. K
  10. karcher

    [Contribution] Additional Images Module

    Can anyone show me a working site using this contribution? I'm about to start a new shop with ms2 and want to get a good solution for the images. cheers K
  11. But what if there are lots of complicated features and specifications, should it all be entered as html text in the product description? Say for example like at this site... http://www.aaronix.com/catalog/product_inf...2//#Description I heard about a mod which would take only the first say 150 characters a long description and use that for a short description, but this was relative to a featured products contribution. Is there a short description and long description contribution? Any ideas? I want something that will be searchable in the same way that the description is searchable. Maybe it makes sense to make a new short description field in the product_description table and then keep the existing product_description for the long fullwinded product spec. That way the search feature does not need to be amended. Any thoughts?
  12. Where did this thread go? Is the contribution packaged up and ready to download? aa ha... that search function... found it... so for anyone else wondering... here it ishttp://forums.oscommerce.com/viewtopic.php?t=41779
  13. karcher

    [Contribution] Dynamic MoPics

    I followed the instructions and it worked. Just check that your images are where they should be, with the extension specified in the configure.php file (jpg is the default). The thumbs images are the ones displayed initially, when you click on the thumb then the images_big files are used. Make sure that the products table in the database has the url of the image correctly set as well. When I read the instructions properly it all worked like a dream. I think it's a great contribution, nice and simple!
  14. karcher

    Need Quantity Controller help

    Thanks Linda Most of the things I'm trying to install then. Do you know if you Enhanced Shopper Controller will work with the Dynamic MoPics contribution? I seem to remember reading some of your posts where the MoPics contribution was causing problems. PS how do I do the quote thing e.g. 'karcher wrote:...' dumb question I know :oops:
  15. karcher

    Pollbooth Update Soon

    Thank Ian. Could you post to this thread as well?