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  1. Just want to say thanks to you Chris for this great contribution! Rob
  2. paulieGB. If you are wanting to overlay the template there are some fairly brief instructions on the badeziner site ie Basically you need to look out you for the advice on July 2nd, 2008 at 2:07 pm. That should help you.
  3. Hi Alex Thanks for looking in. I find I had 2 problems (now fixed) 1/ wrong client ID -was using merch no. ! and 2/ test transx were for more than £1 so fraud error reported! However now I find that I am not getting any order info. No name no order details no address etc in ORDERS in admin! Any ideas? Order Process perhaps?? :blink: R
  4. Can someone tell me how to get a final xml report from osC? Does this make sense - my site isnt connecting properly with my payment gateway. Any pointers ? Thanks! R
  5. I may be wrong but it all depends on what your client wants! Has he/she applied for an API or CPI a/c? The choice comes down to money for the client in the end. The HSBC Secure ePaymnets Card Processing DVD (impress stock order No. 96301-2 MCP 24494 01/06) will give the client a fairly good explanation if you don't want to advise them on their choice. Once your client has made a decision, finishes applying to the bank and gets the paperwork so you can set up the module Admin side you should be alright. Suggest you give HSBC secure epayments tech line a buzz (sorry dont have their number). Alex says that they have been most helpful in the past. Let me know how you get on if you like. Thanks!
  6. removing Google ads: I think this was covered elsewhere in the thread. Drop down size: Check out this Fairly simple to instal and can be altered to get what you want.
  7. Try here (sometimes osC gets a bit slow)
  8. OK so the answer is: overlay stuff on to greenmania. OMG I look in the mirror and see nothing! I must be a help vampire. Guess its the smell of altruism! Some one stop me pleeez - I dont know what I'm doing. :o Still, I think this is a neat template and will endeavour to relay my developments as I max it up and out with add ons! A penance for my crimes against the forum! :rolleyes: and perhaps of use to someone out there...
  9. Hi badezinner. Would you say it is best to add the contributions I want to a fresh install of osC and then overlay the greenmania template or try and add the contribs to greenmania? Thanks for this forward planning advice. :-)
  10. Cheers, I'm much obliged Libralion. You are most kind. Thanks!
  11. So these back ground codes. I'm sure its a doddle. Can anyone enlighten me?
  12. Very nice mod! Can someone tell me how the background colour codes work? There seem to be six figures 000000 etc. Sorry - I feel you're probably going to laugh at this question but hope you can help non the less. Thanks!
  13. All Thanks v much appreciated. will try it out and get back to you...
  14. Very nice template by the way - I real boost if you're new to osC like ME!!
  15. Hello. Checked product_info.php for that script and I can't find it. What am I doing wrong? Thanks! Also when I try to edit stuff via admin/tools I get: "Error: I can not write to this file. Please set the right user permissions on: " - I have seen this elsewhere and I guess its osC looking after me somehow but how do I switch it on so I can write to files without having to download them edit them and upload again (which sucks!). Many thanks!