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  1. Cheers for the response. I have my own osc site that I have created and am a resonably active poster on the forums. I have given advice many times hance the positive feedback before today and my -2 knockdown. I always had the intention of using the OSC platform to do this however as it appears to be in a laytout I was unfamiliar with I was trying to get an idea of how easy it would be for me to do this as my friend does not want to spend fortunes if anything. I agree that you should be able to see who leaves the feedback and in some instances you should be able to challenge it if it is not justified(still not sure if mine is?) Thanks again :)
  2. Anyone any idea why I got a -1 for posting this question?
  3. Hi, I was wondering if anyone could offer me some wisdom on a problem that I am having. I have a friend who would like me to have a look at designing them a website. I am familiar with adding flash elements and javascript into a template and am also resonably ok with the design aspect of sites. Is it possible to recreate a website alomost identical to the following www.modusfireplaces.com using sts? I have dreamweaver cs3 that I use for certain aspects of my own website design however I use it more as an editing tool for my tremplates rather than something I create my sites on. Is this something that can be done using oscommerce or does it require a different OS? My understanding of the site is that it uses very impressive graphics and images (high quality) however the layout and functionality of the site looks very easy. Any help or tips on this would be greatly appreciated. Thank you to whoever has a look and helps out. :)
  4. jigga1234

    Looking For Template Design

    What sort of thing are you looking for? STS is very good I use it it takes some time to get used to but once you do you can create sites that dont automatically have that Osc look. PM sent.
  5. jigga1234


    If you run Xampp you will be able to view the page on your local browser homepage and any product info page. If you want to view your site locally you will need to keep the same structure of files as held on your webserver (including all images) so if that means your oscommerce install is in your htdocs folder then your templates will need to be updated to there in order to see the changes in your local browser.(sorry I cannot be of more help but I have very limited knowledge of Xampp) Just have two copies of sts_template.html and product_info.php.html and use one as a rollback if you make any changes that you do not like. And yes editing the widths etc is all done within the template.
  6. jigga1234


    You edit the file sts_template.html which will be in your sts_templates folder in includes for all apges except product_info.php. You edit the file product_info.php.html for the product info template. You can add other templates for individual pages but you should have the documentation of how to do this included with the package. I use Dreamweaver CS4 to view the template and change things about however I do know that some people will say stay away from Dreamweaver (I only upload using my hosts ftp cient and would never recommend using Dreamweavers sync facility). The only time that you will have to use the stylesheet is for things that will change organically within your website eg things held under the $content tag of the template etc. Any help?
  7. Easy buy using credit card. 1st sign of trouble ring card company and ask them to refund the transaction. They will do and very rarely ask major questions, if they do say not as described. Template Monster will then have to pursue you for the money back. Either that or just dont buy from them at all. STS is great and does everything you want it to it just takes a bit longer for you to do it.
  8. Hi thank you for your reply. Do you have any idea where in the slides.xml file I would place this? I have tried within the image to place URLTarget"_parent" and it still opens in another tab. eg. <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?> <flash_parameters copyright="socusoftFSMTheme"> <preferences> <golbal> <basic_property movieWidth="145" movieHeight="260" decoration="res/arrow_bar.swf" html_title="Title" loadStyle="Bar" hideAdobeMenu="false" socusoftMenu="false" photoDynamicShow="true" enableURL="true" transitionArray=""/> <title_property photoTitle="false" photoTitleX="5" photoTitleY="5" photoTitleSize="15" photoTitleFont="Verdana" photoTitleColor="0xffffff"/> <music_property path="" stream="true" loop="true"/> <photo_property topPadding="0" bottomPadding="0" leftPadding="0" rightPadding="0"/> <properties enable="true" backgroundColor="0xffffff" backgroundAlpha="30" cssText="a:link{text-decoration: underline;} a:hover{color:#ff0000; text-decoration: none;} a:active{color:#0000ff;text-decoration: none;} .blue {color:#0000ff; font-size:15px; font-style:italic; text-decoration: underline;} .body{color:#ff5500;font-size:20px;}" align="top"/> </golbal> <thumbnail> <basic_property showPrview="false" prviewWidth="100" prviewHeight="75" lineColor="0xffffff" numberColor="0xffffff" hovrColor="0xff8000" prviewBorderColor="0xffffff"/> </thumbnail> </preferences> <album> <slide jpegURL="thumbs/p_0001.jpg" d_URL="images/flash/salomonmissionadvert.gif" transition="56" panzoom="1" urltarget="_parent" phototime="6" url="http://www.mountain-marine.com/mission-rs-cf-ski-boots-p-4121.html" title="mission boots" width="145" height="242"/> <slide jpegURL="thumbs/p_0002.jpg" d_URL="images/eider/eiderladies.gif" transition="56" panzoom="1" urltarget="_parent" phototime="6" url="http://www.mountain-marine.com/alya-p-4091.html" title="Eider Alya Jacket" width="145" height="242"/> </album> </flash_parameters> Am I missing something very simple?
  9. Hello, I have downloaded and installed the AJAX Suber baner Slideshow in Home Page contribution found here and everything seems to be working great apart from one problem. when you click on the flash images they open a link (which is what I want) however it opens in a new window in IE and a new tab in Firefox. I want it to open in the same window. I have read that you need to change your script to say navigateToURL(_self); However in the three files that are contained in the contribution none of them contain the words navigateToURL in them. I have looked at the script that the contribution uses and again there is no reference to navigateToURL within this. Could anyone explain a couple of things to me? 1.does a flash link by default open in a new window? 2.Can anyone download the contrib have a quick look at the files and let me know if they have any idea on how to change this? Thanks to anyone who replies :)
  10. jigga1234

    Header Tags SEO

    Hello Jack. Is there a usual problem that might cause the fill tags facility not to work? If I try to fill only empty tags and ask it to show the missing tags. It shows the tags that are missing but states "No Missing Tags have been filled" The Page Control and test all work fine. I am wondering why there might be a problem. Also in test it tells me that the header tag code appears in my product.info.php.html template (which is a mistake) however If i remove the code and place in what you recommend in your install guide for those using STS it completly makes a mess of the product.info page (my left column goes below the main body or $content tag)????? my website is here is it helps viewing source? Thank you for your time.
  11. jigga1234

    Header Tags SEO

    Hi I have run the seo uninstall and reinstall and have got the following problem. I can input Title tags for some of my pages but not all. All the pages show up in the Page control part of Header Tag SEO Page control area of admin. With some of the pages you can make changes to the tags and they update on the website. With some of the pages they do not update on the website and resolve back to the Default title tag. I have checked on my database and the information that I fill in is being populated into the Headertags>>>Page title aspect of the database but it is not showing on the website. I have checked with Winmerge the two files and the code for the tags is the same and they both use the same template. The two pages in question areThe page that works And The page that does not work. Also my admin/categories works no problems however the product description that is in my database does not show up when editing a product so if I dont remember to cut and paste the description before I edit I will lose all this when updating (what might be causing this???? Thank you for your time on this.
  12. jigga1234

    Header Tags SEO

    did that now all of my categories in my breadcrumb have gone and all of my category names at the top of departments have gone.
  13. jigga1234

    Header Tags SEO

    Hello. I am having a problem with the page control part of the Header Tags. I can highlight some of my pages and make changes to the individual title using the page control feature however for other pages the page appears all the tags are blank and when I fill the fields I want in and press either View result or Update the page gets updated with nothing. The files are all included in my includes/header_tags.php file. What could be causing some of the tags to populate and not others. If I manually try to imput a tag by placing it between the <title></title> tags and removing the if ( file_exists(DIR_WS_INCLUDES . 'header_tags.php') ) { require(DIR_WS_INCLUDES . 'header_tags.php'); } else I still cannot manually change the tags. Can you suggest anything that I may need to do. Cheers
  14. jigga1234

    Header Tags SEO

    which instructions? you do give two options and as I have stated i do not know which ones to use. update docs or install_admin.txt
  15. jigga1234

    Header Tags SEO

    I agree I have read them however it does not include instructions for how to upgrade v 1.2 which is what I have got. could you just tell me if I use the install_admin.txt as my guide or because I have a very old version do i need to do all the updates (this is what is confusing me) I know i use the files from catalog in your contribution as its not a fresh shop but can i just place these on my site and make the changes stated in install_admin.txt or do i use the upgrade txt files. I realise that I may be asking a very very stupid question but I am that stressed at the moment about trying to get this working I am not thinking great. Cheers