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  1. Nevermind...figured it out. The different options had to be in all caps. 'PRIORITY' => 'Priority Mail', 'EXPRESS' => 'Express Mail', 'FIRST CLASS' => 'First-Class Mail', 'PARCEL' => 'Parcel' Thought I'd throw that in just in case anyone else was having the same problem. Might help.
  2. I've searched everywhere I can think of for this answer, but can't find it anywhere. I have a strange problem. I have Google Checkout 1.4.5 and USPS methods 2.8 installed. When I enable the domestic USPS options, they show up fine in my shipping estimator and normal checkout, but they never show when the user is taken to Google to checkout. I have no problems with my international USPS rates. Those show like they're supposed to in Google. I'm needing this to work with Merchant Calculations, not Carrier Calculations. When I switch on Carrier Calculations, everything shows up like it's supposed to. The problem is, Google will then only accept orders from the U.S. If anyone can help me figure out why the international rates would show up but not the domestic rates, I'd really, really appreciate it. I'd like to offer USPS within the U.S., but at this point, I can't. Thanks very much.
  3. has anyone been able to get this to work with USPS Methods? FedEx shows up just fine, but i get no figures whatsoever from USPS. when i disable the FedEx module, i get the "Oops!" message from Google. it's like the GC module doesn't recognize that i have USPS set up at all. thanks.