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    Hello all, I'm basically a newbie, and in my new job I have inherited an already functioning OsCommerce site. I need to install a module that allows a marketing company adds the search keywords. Here are the problems I'm facing: 1. Some of the files have already been modified and it's almost impossible to follow the instruction the way they are. 2. I managed to modify the index.php file, but when I run it I get error message, which was caused by the code, we were told to replace on line 78. Of course now the error made sense. Now I have come to realize that I may not need to modify all files since this is already a functioning site, and perhaps, I need to apply some of the modifications [The ones that has to do with META_TAG, for instance]. Is this correct? And perhpas, there are couple of them that need to be modified such as admin/includes/function/general.php only. Please let me know if this is a correct observation, and better yet, if you could tell me which ones are the ones that need to be modified. Thanks. Sia