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  1. @spooks: it’s been a while, welcome back. You, your help, your contributions, have all been missed.
  2. trier

    Tabbed Product Admin

    Hi, Sorry, ignore my previous message, I've addressed the wrong add-on, I think I meant the tabbed product add-on.
  3. trier

    Tabbed Product Admin

    Hi, Thank you for this excellent add-on. I believe I've installed it correctly(?), it seems to work as expected. Assuming that to be the case, there appears to be one very minor trivial PHP error - Undefined index: admin includes/classes/hooks.php line 56 Many Thanks
  4. trier

    Exposing Admin Folder Name in Emails

    Hi, Thank you for your comment. In addition to ‘mail.add_x_header’ = ‘off’ in php.ini, that is effectively what I had in place. Just to make sure, I did a copy & paste using your suggested changes. The outcome is still the same, ‘X-PHP-Script’ & ‘X-PHP-Script’ both include the admin folder name when sending emails from status update in admin/orders.php (I altered $email_subject within tep_mail to make sure I’d changed the correct area). Although I am seeing this on 2 different hosted sites, I presume no-one else is experiencing the same? For now I will continue using the imap_mail PHP function in place of the mail function in admin/includes/classes/email.php > send. All testing so far suggests that ‘X-PHP-Script’ & ‘X-PHP-Script’ headers are not present when sending by imap_mail and nothing detrimental is apparent (yet?).
  5. osC – bs Gold. PHP 5.6.32 and osC – latest bs. PHP 7.1.6 Hi, There are several old threads discussing the ‘X-PHP-Script’ & ‘X-PHP-Filename’ email headers exposing the admin folder name in emails sent from within admin. Previously it wasn’t too much of an issue, ‘mail.add_x_header’ in php.ini set to “off” and the recommended $_SERVER['PHP_SELF'] temporary overwrite both appeared to stop the problem. Recently when checking emails sent from admin, although both live & test site has ‘mail.add_x_header’ set to “off” and the $_SERVER['PHP_SELF'] overwrite in place, the 'X-PHP-Script' & 'X-PHP-Filename' are present and showing the admin folder name. I tried a temporary overwrite of every item in $_SERVER that showed the script name - no affect. I have now changed admin/includes/classes/email.php line 520 & 522 from ‘return email(....’ to ‘return imap_mail(....’. I far as I can see the ’X-PHP-Script’ & ‘X-PHP-Filename’ headers are no longer present, all other headers are the same (only tried it with E-Mail Transport Method = sendmail (not with smtp)). Questions: 1) Has anyone else found their admin folder name is now being exposed in email headers? 2) What is the impact of using the PHP ‘imap_mail’ function in place of the ‘mail’ function?
  6. Hi, Thank you for this very useful addon. A very trivial minor comment (doesn’t seem to affect anything) - does: $base_url used: in includes/modules/hooks/admin/orders_customer_tab.php line 64 $tab_link = substr(tep_href_link('orders.php', tep_get_all_get_params()), strlen($base_url)) . '#section_customer_orders'; need to be included as a global in the function? Many thanks
  7. @burt @BrockleyJohn Hi, Thank you for your comments. Because of the significant number of changes to my website, keeping it up-to-date is always a headache (particularly given my total lack of organising/documentation skills). Although there is obviously a bit of a processing overhead, I figured changes would be easier to identify/understand if kept outside core scripts. Regarding search engine view of pages where elements have been moved/replaced/deleted by jQuery, the product_listing & product_info page titles/headings are quite heavily changed, I may need to check that it doesn’t have a negative impact. Thank you for your help
  8. Hi, This is a slight divergence to the “Emails in 2.4” question raised by @frankl - I am currently trying to make changes to 2.3.4bs without tampering with core code - using jQuery (until pages are fully modularised) in new footer content scripts it is possible to make significant changes to page content/layout (is this OK or unwise?). Is it also possible using a header_tag script to add code that would otherwise be in application_top (is there a better way?). However, I have not yet found a suitable way to externally change functions. I would like to make minor changes to tep_href_link, tep_address_format, and tep_mail without meddling with core. Apparently there is no PHP facility to delete/replace (system/user) functions. Is there a suitable solution?
  9. Hi, Before I download the latest version of v234bs, are there any plans to promote https://github.com/gburton/Responsive-osCommerce/tree/TablePrefix to edge in the near future? Thanks
  10. trier

    PayPal Standard Return

    @@AngusD Hi, You were headed in the right direction, the reason for my confusion woke me at 4a.m. - I installed a fresh 2.3.4BS & and updated the PayPal App. Confusion arose because although the site admin showed the app version v5.018, running a file compare of the site pre & post update showed no differences. Unfortunately, (you may be ahead of me already) the site compare was run on my PC scripts but I hadn’t downloaded after the update! At some point after the update I'd uploaded paypal_standard.php again (can't remember why). Thank you for your time & help with this.
  11. trier

    PayPal Standard Return

    typos in my last post - s/b: "paypal_standard.php is wrongly showing checkout_process instead of checkout_success".
  12. trier

    PayPal Standard Return

    @@Mikepo Hi, The auto-return address in my PayPal account and the return address in the process_button() parameter are both checkout_process.php. Unless I have made a major mistake somewhere, I can only assume that the return in the after_process() function in 2.3.4BS Edge paypal_standard.php is wrongly showing paypal_process, it should be paypal_success, also, paypal_standard.php is not updated by the PayPal App Auto Update??
  13. trier

    PayPal Standard Return

    @@AngusD Hi, Thank you for your reply. I felt that the last line of function after_process in paypal_standard.php should redirect to checkout_success. I am confused because: A fresh download of 2.3.4BS Edge has the redirect to checkout_process.php After installing 2.3.4BS Edge and hitting the PayPal App Update button in admin, no changes were made to paypal_standard.php. The admin>paypal>configure page shows “PayPal App v5.018” The PayPal App add-on, 9184, is v5.010. In this, paypal_standard.php redirects to checkout_success.php but it has some code which is not in the 2.3.4 script and it doesn’t have the hard-coded file/table names. Last November I asked - “The last line in function after_process() is tep_redirect(tep_href_link('checkout_process.php', '', 'SSL')); should it be tep_redirect(tep_href_link('checkout_success.php', '', 'SSL')); ?” and got the reply - “tep_redirect(tep_href_link('checkout_process.php', '', 'SSL')); is correct” I don’t know if I’ve gone wrong somewhere because I’m surprised that no-one else appears to have had the problem?
  14. trier

    PayPal Standard Return

    Can someone please put me out of my misery and explain how payments via PayPal Standard reach checkout_success. I am setting up a new 2.3.4BS Edge with the latest PayPal app. The first couple of runs returned to checkout_success. PayPal Standard payments, though successful, are now returning to an empty shopping_cart. Every time I check the scripts I (obviously wrongly) come to the conclusion that an empty shopping_cart is correct: PayPal returns to checkout_process - checkout_process @ line 46: $payment_modules = new payment($payment); function paypal_standard @ line 75: $this->pre_before_check(); function pre_before_check @ line 659: (may call $this->after_process(); if IPN already actioned) checkout_process (continues) @ line 81: $payment_modules->before_process(); function before_process @ line 801: $this->after_process(); function after_process clears cart, unregister variables, tep_redirect(tep_href_link('checkout_process.php', '', 'SSL')); checkout_process (restarts) @ line 22: if ($cart->count_contents() < 1) { tep_redirect(tep_href_link('shopping_cart.php')); } As far as I can see the only route to checkout_success is at the end of checkout_process which (intentionally?) is never reached, to get there another order would be created and email sent? Also, to confirm, the order_status_history table is updated with a status OSCOM_APP_PAYPAL_PS_PREPARE_ORDER_STATUS_ID by the return processing and by the IPN process (i.e. 2 entries intentionally). The table is only updated with the OSCOM_APP_PAYPAL_PS_ORDER_STATUS_ID by the return processing (i.e. never by the IPN).
  15. There are probably various reasons for this one of them being (I think) if you don’t have the correct TLS/OpenSSL level. Try creating & running the following script (the echo’s can probably be removed leaving just 3 lines): <?phpecho '<br>A: '; $ch = curl_init(); curl_setopt($ch,CURLOPT_URL, "https://tlstest.paypal.com/");curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_SSLVERSION, 6); var_dump(curl_exec($ch)); echo '<br><br>B: '; var_dump(curl_error($ch)); echo '<br><br>C: '; var_dump(curl_version()); echo '<br><br>D: '; echo '<br><br>---- '; If correct it should output something like: A: PayPal_Connection_OKbool(true) B: string(0) "" C: array(9) { ["version_number"]=> int(467968) ["age"]=> int(3) ["features"]=> int(34493) ["ssl_version_number"]=> int(0) ["version"]=> string(6) "7.36.0" ["host"]=> string(23) "x86_64-redhat-linux-gnu" ["ssl_version"]=> string(14) "OpenSSL/1.0.1e" ["libz_version"]=> string(5) "1.2.3" ["protocols"]=> array(20) { [0]=> string(4) "dict" [1]=> string(4) "file" [2]=> string(3) "ftp" [3]=> string(4) "ftps" [4]=> string(6) "gopher" [5]=> string(4) "http" [6]=> string(5) "https" [7]=> string(4) "imap" [8]=> string(5) "imaps" [9]=> string(4) "ldap" [10]=> string(5) "ldaps" [11]=> string(4) "pop3" [12]=> string(5) "pop3s" [13]=> string(4) "rtsp" [14]=> string(3) "scp" [15]=> string(4) "sftp" [16]=> string(4) "smtp" [17]=> string(5) "smtps" [18]=> string(6) "telnet" [19]=> string(4) "tftp" } } D: ---- If it shows an error you probably need to speak to your host provider.