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  1. hi,marlo i tryed that alread many times and it's not working please help!!


    another thing could ot be that the image has to be a specific size if so please let me know what size does my logo banner has to be.


    also can you tell me how to add header images to my category pages?


    If it is not possible for you to change the logo name to logo.gif - you should read the How do I? thread in the Installation and Configuration forum thread - He has the directions where you can change the coding to read the correct information.


    - Marlo

  2. ok i tried that and it's still not showing the images please let me know if theres anything else that can do.


    thank you





    First make sure you have uploaded the logo into the images folder. Next makesure the logo is called logo.gif or it won't show because that is how it is coded. The template is looking for the image titled logo.gif in your images folder. If there isn't anything in the images folder called logo.gif then it will show the box with the x in it like it is now.


    Hopefully this helps.


    - Marlo

  3. ok i'll try photoshop but i tryed replacing the image and more and it's not working the header or logo image does not show

    here is a link to the template



    please help i can't get any header images to work.





    I don't know what kind of template you're using, but I am working with a template right now that already had a default (i.e., fake) logo in the header. I merely modified that logo in photoshop to fit my needs.


    If you're talking about the top header itself, take a look in includes/header.php. You should be able to modify it there.