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  1. I'd send you my updated files, but I've also made other changes... If I remember or see anything else I'll post it up for you. Yeah the infobox corners really does need to be in the templates/templatename/images folder, for portability. Would be nice to do the same with the buttons I guess, but then you need to change the whole languages structure. Might get a bit confusing, cause then all the languages wouldn't be "kept togehter".
  2. Don't know if this is the right place to post this. This is the latest thread that I could find... H1 in popup_search_help.tpl.php, makes text big which should be small - needs to be removed Missing from popup.tpl.php: BODY { margin-bottom: 10px; margin-left: 10px; margin-right: 10px; margin-top: 10px; } This missing results in the popup image image alignment looking a bit funny. ALSO the style sheet used in this file is old one not the templates/templatename/style one. - needs to be changed. Suggestions: Move many template related images into templates/templatename/images folder such as infobox corners, logo etc. I've done this and it works well. I think I made a few other changes as well, these are the ones I could remember. Spent the last 16 or so changing the thing. Anyway hope this helps. EDIT: I'm using BTSv1.2.zip with patch A and B. (arg was annoyed with patch A - had made some of those fixes before noticing it fixed them! Oh well.)
  3. Strider, thank you very much for your fast response. Are those the only two files I need to update? And also are there any serious issues I need to worry about in doing this? The website is for quite a large company doing a lot of business, so I really need to get this right. Also if I update the MS1 release is there any interest out there for an updated release for MS1? Strider what affiliate contribution are you using? As far as I can see there's "Affiliate Program - Sales Tracking" and "osC Affiliate", but it's been a while since I investigated the whole affiliate scene.
  4. Hi Strider, Didn't get a response before. Just like to know if I can use the latest version on MS1, or if not which is the best one to use. I have a HEAVILY modified MS1 so just can't see anyway in upgrading it. Also just got thinking today if this is likely to interfere with other contributions like the affiliate ones, or if affiliate type mods need to be written for the credit class? I'm happy to try and write these if necessary.
  5. Just the same question as Hookupz, I'm also running a heavily modified version of MS1, which is the best version to use with this? I'm guessing 5.03? Or would 5.06 actually work with MS1? I've been trying to come to some decision over the last few hours, and am not sure which to use. The shop is online and taking orders so I guess I'll have to test it out locally. Needs to be stable. Great work guys, and thanks for any help.